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Moving your belongings to a new country can be stressful – that’s why we’ve partnered with leading shipping companies to ensure that your things arrive safely and securely. Learn more about the cost of different shipping routes and find out which container you’ll need for your move.

View our video below to find out more about the process of international shipping.

Cost of International Shipping

The cost of shipping is calculated based the size of your move and where you’re heading to. Use our shipping tool below to get specific information about shipping to your next destination.

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Shipping Containers

We have all the information to cover your shipping needs from loading shipping containers to moving shipping containers. Check out our advice and ensure you’re all set to begin your shipping journey.

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Shipping Articles

Shipping can seem overwhelming, particularly if you’ve got a lot to move. We’ve got the answers to all your shipping related queries, from car shipping to imports guides, to ensure you’ve got all the knowledge you need to effectuate your move.

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