Are you moving abroad? Then you’ve probably got some belongings that you need to ship overseas. Here’s our rundown of the best European removal companies.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to international shipping companies, and some are better than others. It’s important that you look for companies with a good track record, transparent pricing, and proper FIDI credentials.

We’ve compared loads of European removal companies based on a wide range of factors, from routes and shipping times to add-on services like insurance and storage. See below to find out who made our top ten.

Looking to make your move abroad? Here’s everything you need to do, in one handy checklist.

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Best European Removal Companies

The 10 best European removal companies are: Eagle Relocations, GB Liners, White & Company, Lopa Removals, Pickfords, Anglo Pacific, John Mason International Movers, Europe Remove, Cadogan Tate and Santa Fe Relocation. Take a look at the table below to find out what each company does best.

European removal companyBest for
Eagle RelocationsInsurance cover
GB LinersAdditional services
White & CompanyCorporate moves
Lopa RemovalsSpeed of service
PickfordsInternational routes
Anglo PacificVehicle shipping
John Mason International MoversStorage options
Europe RemoveDoor-to-door removals
Cadogan TateArt & antiques shipping
Santa Fe RelocationVisa & customs assistance

Eagle Relocations

Best for: Insurance cover

Operating from its roost in London, Eagle Relocations has been providing a swift and efficient shipping service for over fifty years. They ship to locations across the world, including all parts of Europe, and they’ve got some nifty extra services (including currency exchange and cleaning).

If you’re worried about keeping your belongings safe without having to pay through the beak to insure them, this lot have got exactly what you need. Their insurance cover is comprehensive and affordable, featuring far fewer exclusions than you’d normally find in standard marine insurance policies. Eagle Relocations leave a lot of people happy, claiming to have a 98% satisfied customer rating.

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GB Liners

Best for: Additional services

Cake is very important, but sometimes the icing on top can make all the difference. GB Liners offers a dazzling array of (optional) additional services, including cleaning your old house and preparing your new one. Their team also runs a Donate & Discard service, where they’ll take away your unwanted items and give them to charity.

It doesn’t stop there. GB Liners’ ‘Destination Services’ can make your arrival in your new country much easier, whether through furniture rental packs or language training programmes. They’ll even pick up your family from the airport.

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White & Company

Best for: Corporate moves

If you’re looking for movers with experience, White & Company have 145 years of it. They know that international relocation can be stressful, so they try to make things as easy as possible for their customers. Their team will bring a container to your home, help you pack (with eco-friendly materials), and then load it all up.

The folks at White & Company know all about corporate moves. They will help a company relocate its employees with minimum delay and maximum efficiency.

Lopa Removals

Best for: Speed of service

Sometimes speed is all that matters. For those moving within Europe, Lopa Removals are the ideal team. They aim to have all European moves done and dusted within 2-5 days, which is pretty impressive. If you’re in a real rush, you can also opt for their next day service, although that costs a bit more.

What’s more, their partnership with Currencies Direct means that you can also do quick and easy international money transfers. You’ll get competitive exchange rates and no hidden fees.


Best for: International routes

As the UK’s largest removal company, Pickfords are kind of a big deal. They’re part of the Allied International Moving Network, which gives them access to stacks of global resources. With all this at their fingertips, plus their bags of expertise, they are capable of moving you to anywhere in the world (yes, even there).

The people at Pickfords really want you to have peace of mind when they’re moving your things abroad, so you can always pick up the phone and speak to someone at their Moving Advice Centre. They’ll keep you informed and reassured.

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Anglo Pacific

Best for: Vehicle shipping

Joining forces with the mighty Maersk Line, Anglo Pacific handles nearly 20,000 moves each year. Now that’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing across the ocean. They ship to destinations all over the globe, ensuring your belongings stay in safe and experienced hands the whole time.

If you can’t bear to leave your favourite vehicle(s) behind, Anglo Pacific will be more than happy to escort them for you. They’ve been shipping people’s wheeled friends for over 40 years, from simple cars and motorbikes to luxury yachts and caravans. No vehicle gets left behind.

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John Mason International Movers

Best for: Storage

Another removal company with buckets of experience, John Mason International Movers was founded back when everything was still in black and white (1884). They’re reliable and trustworthy, assigning an experienced Move Manager to each customer to guide them through every stage of their relocation. Their professional packing isn’t bad either, having won the National Packer of the Year award on several occasions (yes, it’s a real thing).

You may not want to bring all your important possessions to your new country, and John Mason are totally on board with this. They offer lots of different kinds of storage, including commercial, household, car, archive, student and boat. You can store things to your heart’s content.

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Europe Remove

Best for: Door-to-door removals

This lot are (unsurprisingly) focused on European removals, headed up by their delightfully-named CEO Cris Pop. Founded in 2009, Europe Remove are pretty fresh faced, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great movers. They focus on personable service along with transparent (and affordable) pricing.

When it comes to door-to-door moves, Europe Move are a particularly strong choice because they don’t use any subcontractors. Starting at your old front door and finishing at your shiny new one, your belongings will never leave Europe Remove’s protection.

Looking to make your move abroad? Here’s everything you need to do, in one handy checklist.

Cadogan Tate

Best for: Art & antique shipping

The classiest removal company on this list, Cadogan Tate offer international whole-house moves, but started out in 1977 as fine art movers (and this is still their niche today). If you’ve got any delicate and expensive artworks, antiques or ornaments, the sensible people at Cadogan Tate will make sure these items are handled with care.

We don’t just mean industrial bubble wrap and sellotape; we’re talking detailed measurements and specially constructed travel crates. They probably care more about your valuables than you do.

Santa Fe Relocation

Best for: Visa & customs assistance

Kicking off in Hong Kong in 1980, Santa Fe Relocation now has offices in six continents and helps with relocations all over the world. Their numbers are truly whopping, having a hand in around 40,000 international removals every year. They aim to offer the whole shebang, from professional packing and door-to-door delivery to storage and currency exchange.

Most international moves require a visa, and Santa Fe Relocation are experts in helping people navigate all that paperwork. On average, they manage around 35,000 successful visa applications each year. Cop that.

Best European Removal Companies: The Verdict

The sheer number of different international removal companies can be pretty overwhelming, but hopefully this list has pointed you in the right direction. Whatever you need to ship and wherever you need to ship it, there’ll always be a company that can help you.

The 10 best European removal companies are:

  1. Eagle Relocations
  2. GB Liners
  3. White & Company
  4. Lopa Removals
  5. Pickfords
  6. Anglo Pacific
  7. John Mason International Movers
  8. Europe Remove
  9. Cadogan Tate
  10. Santa Fe Relocation

Whatever you choose, make sure you give yourself enough time to plan your move properly. Feel free to shop around for the best price, and don’t rush into any decisions. International relocation is a big thing, and you want to make it as stress-free as possible. Scheduling a mid-move massage wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

To start collecting shipping quotes, fill in the form at the top of the page and up to six of our suppliers will get back to you with their best prices. Good luck with your move!