At MoveHub, we are very excited about the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend – did you know it’s been 60 years since we first took to the stage?  To get into the spirit of things we wanted to find out just how well the British public knew their European geography, so we decided to put them to the test by asking them to label a map of Europe and the findings were certainly interesting to say the least…

Europe officially has 44 countries (according to the United Nations official statistics), 42 of which are participating in Eurovision which takes place in Ukraine this Saturday 13th May.  How many of the 44 countries can people locate? Where in fact is Latvia? Is India part of Europe?

Most of us don’t seem to know the difference in location between Iceland and Greenland and the countries in eastern Europe proved to be particularly troublesome.

Hopefully our video will help Brits’ refresh their geography skills ahead of the main event this weekend.

And while many of the attempts will make you chuckle, some of the maps are quite commendable!