There’s a podcast for everything these days. Whether you’re looking for health advice, book recommendations, the latest developments in science, or just a comedy series – you name it, podcasts cover it.

Looking for support, inspiration, or guidance on moving abroad? There are a bunch of podcasts that can help you with that – and we’re here to show you which ones will benefit you the most.

Scroll down to learn more about the seven best podcasts for expats, which can help you with moving abroad, getting settled in, and feeling at home in your new country.

There are also lots of country-specific podcasts out there to help expats get a better idea of what living in certain nations is like. Although we’re focussing on podcasts with a more general theme of expat life, it’s definitely worth looking into any that discuss your chosen new home.


where to go podcast1. Where to Go

Best for: When you can’t decide where to move to
Started in: 2020

If you want to move abroad but are struggling to decide where to call your new home, this helpful podcast might be your saviour.

Where to Go launched back in 2020 with two main goals: to help people who have had their travel plans scuppered by COVID-19, and to guide them on where to move to next.

Each fortnight, hosts James and Lucy talk to local experts about the destination they have chosen to move to. Episodes usually explore why these people feel connected to the place, what makes it so special, and things to do in the area.

Mindful expat podcast2. Mindful Expat

Best for: When you need some emotional support
Started in: 2017

Moving abroad – as exciting as it is – can come with its stresses. In fact, some psychologists have compared the stress of moving to the effects of a divorce.

You might be feeling anxious about the move itself, lonely after leaving your family, or worried about any other hiccups on your journey. All these feelings are perfectly normal, but it might help to have an expert reassuring you along the way – which is where Mindful Expat comes in.

With almost 50 podcast episodes on offer, Mindful Expat focuses on improving your emotional wellbeing whilst living abroad. The host of the show, Dana Nelson PhD, provides insights from her own overseas experiences, as well as interviewing a range of experts about mindfulness, self-compassion, self-care, and personal growth.

Meet the expats podcast3. Meet the Expats

Best for: When you want to hear from other expats
Started in: 2020

Hearing from other people about their experiences is always helpful – and Meet the Expats gives you the opportunity to do just that.

This podcast gives listeners insight into how other expats dealt with the challenges of moving abroad, with some funny stories along the way. This can give listeners a little heads-up on what to prepare for, whilst also reminding the audience that they’re not alone in their struggles.

You’ll hear stories from expats all over the world, as they share their motivations and challenges when moving to their new home. You’ll also get a sneak peek into what it is like making new friends, dating, bringing children abroad, and looking for a new job.

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A side ways life podcast4. A Sideways Life

Best for: Advice on working abroad
Started in: 2019

One key reason people move abroad is for the job opportunities. In a 2020 survey, 34% of people moved abroad for work – either finding the role themselves, being recruited internationally, or having an employer deploy them overseas.

Sound familiar? If so, A Sideways Life can help you adjust to working abroad, with advice from hosts Al and Leanne – a husband-and-wife duo who’ve been travelling full time since 2017.

These weekly episodes cover all aspects of working abroad – from discussing the highs and lows of the working world, to carrying out interviews with people in different industries. You can also hear from people of all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, which means you’re bound to relate to someone.

two fat expats5. Two Fat Expats

Best for: Anyone with unanswered questions
Started in: 2015

Sometimes, you just can’t find the answer to your questions online. Thankfully, Kirsty and Nikki from Two Fat Expats have over 20 years of life experience abroad to help you.

This podcast is here to answer all those awkward questions you might not feel comfortable asking loved ones. Episodes cover subjects like family feuds, finding an international school for the kids, and COVID-19 vaccine passport options.

The two hosts even touch on more personal topics, such as how perimenopause affects expats, whether making children move abroad is bad parenting, and long-distance relationships.

homegrown podcast6. HomeGrown 

Best for: Hearing from Black people on their experiences
Started in: 2020

If you’d like to hear more about expat life specifically from people in the Black community, HomeGrown is the podcast for you.

This podcast was created back in 2020, with the aim of informing, inspiring, and entertaining listeners with personal stories from Black expats. Each week, hosts Louisa and The Fantastic Fo speak to a wide range of guests about both the highlights and low moments of living and working abroad.

Expect to hear a lot about identity abroad, mental health, COVID-19, and entrepreneurship – all tied in with the theme of race.

expat parenting abroad podcast7. Expat Parenting Abroad

Best for: Anyone travelling with kids
Started in: 2020

Being a parent is difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re packing up your life and moving across the world – but who better to share this experience with than your own family?

Luckily, award-winning life coach Emily can help you adjust, with her podcast Expat Parenting Abroad.

Having lived abroad for over 20 years, with both of her daughters born in India, Emily combines her personal experience and career in Human Resources to provide support for expat parents.

Helping people get the most out of their time abroad, Expat Parenting Abroad doesn’t just talk about children and parenting, but also covers how to deal with grief, mental wellbeing, and how to move abroad successfully.


And there you have it – a handful of podcasts that can help you make a smooth, stress-free transition to your new home abroad. No matter what your circumstances are, you can guarantee someone else has been through – or is going through – the same thing.

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