It’s a new year, and that means an article on what happened last year: where have all the Brits moved to abroad? We compiled a list of the top ten countries British expatriates have moved to in the last year; some of these countries will surprise you more than others!

1. USA

Moving to the USA does have its appeal for Brits: similar language and culture, and that semi familial link from the imperial days. Those looking to relocate to warmer climes can look into Miami, Phoenix, and San Diego, while the northeast still offers relatively closer links back to the UK.

Sure, getting used to all green bills, a tipping culture, and a two party system may take some time, but it’s just like riding a bike. As long as the bike is on the right side of the road, not the left side.

2. Australia

Most people living in the UK know of someone who has travelled to the southern continent for a gap year, or even made a more permanent change. It’s not just a UK with better weather, however; Australia may have some similarities to the UK but it has its own sport and outdoorsy culture.

Moving to such a large country offers plenty for exploration, as well as longer trips to nearby New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Perth on the west coast is a favourite, while Melbourne and Sydney are cities all Brits at least consider before moving to Oz. They are some of the most liveable cities in the world.

3. UAE

The most attractive aspects of the UAE for Brits are the same for most of the world: sunshine, travel links, and tax free salaries. Moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi has been en vogue for decades, with each of the emirates containing a large UK expat population.

The promise of higher salaries, and a real reason to use air conditioning is one that captivates many. A country of world records and continuous allure for international visitors, it’s not difficult to see why thousands of Brits have made the move to the UAE last year.

4. Canada

Oh, Canada. More than just a land of hockey, maple syrup, and gorgeous national parks, this Commonwealth country is quickly becoming one of the top countries to emigrate to.

Canada receives approximately 20,000 Britons each year, taking up residence in coastal Vancouver, metropolitan Toronto, Québécois Montreal, or any of the country’s fine cities and towns. With the width of an entire continent to choose from, you can find a part of Canada that suits you.

5. Spain

Spain has long been a country held dearly by British expats. An average of 35,000 of them moved to Spain each year in the early ‘00s, according to the ONS, and thousands still make their way to the Spanish coast each year.

A country with a thousand personalities, regional charms, and dishes, moving to Spain is on many a bucket list. While fluency in Spanish is always recommended, there is a large enough British expat community that you can always find someone to help you convey precisely what you mean.

6. New Zealand

It’s no shock that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries, and its laidback atmosphere and similarity to the UK is what draws in thousands of Brits each year. Plus, better coffee, sushi, and education is very tempting.

You could grab a working holiday visa if you’re between 18-30 years old and get to know Kiwis for up to 23 months, or emigrate for life if you qualify for one of the several permanent visas. Go on, move to New Zealand – we dare you not to fall in love with the country.

7. Germany

The fact that Germany is the economic powerhouse may not be the main reason Brits are moving there, but it doesn’t hurt. With the digital industry picking up more steam, many are even giving up London in favour of Berlin.

Living on the continent has its advantages: Germany is a country home to a delightfully varied landscape and superb beer, art, and cars. A move to Germany may just be what you need.

8. Ireland

Just across the sea is green ol’ Ireland, which has been attracting the attention of not just the British, but major companies around the world. The likes of Facebook, Google, and PayPal have offices in Dublin, while Apple has its eyes set on Galway.

A fairly similar culture, nice people, beautiful countryside, and close proximity to the UK will win over anyone who’s on the fence regarding moving abroad.

9. France

While France and the UK have had its differences in the past, it’s no surprise that thousands of Brits are making the move across the channel each year. Perfect for retirees, young professionals, and families alike, brush up on your secondary school French and live the dream.

Long held as the land of fine wine, cheese, art, and culture, France offers its residents so much more: a large economy by any standard, blossoming cities, tranquil countryside, and bragging rights.

10. Singapore

As the hub of Asia, Singapore offers British expats proximity to the South East, an equatorial climate, and wonderful multiculturalism. There’s a large expat population and a high disposable income to boot.

Singapore is an excellent choice for those in need of some career options, particularly those with medical backgrounds, owing to its numerous healthcare facilities. If you like sunshine, affordable schools, and a naturally friendly environment, think about moving to Singapore.