If you, like so many people in Trump’s America or post-Brexit Britain feel disconnected from your fellow countrymen and unsure about your future in your current country of residence and want to consider your options, do not worry, because MoveHub has compiled a list of the most liberal countries you could move to in 2017. Your liberal utopia is just a few clicks away…

Using data from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016, the 2016 Social Progress Index report and Yale’s Environmental Performance Index 2016, MoveHub has created a completely unique list of the most liberal countries on the planet. To create the rankings MoveHub selected data from three reports that look at factors such as gender equality, the rights of minorities, personal safety and environmental factors such as soil, air and water quality. Check out the results in the infographic below:

Iceland most liberal country in the world

Iceland, the land of ice and fire has made it to the top of the list of most liberal countries in the world. It has a modest population of just over 330,000 people, but it’s the closest to achieving gender equality with the smallest gender pay gap in the world. In addition to this, approximately 85% of its energy comes from renewable sources.

UK in 10th place

Though this might come as a surprise to some given recent shift in public opinion, but overall the UK has performed well coming in at number 10. This is largely thanks to its rankings in personal rights, safety, tolerance and inclusion. The UK is actually 11 rankings higher than the US which is 21st on the list!

Here are the results for the top 10:


  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Sweden
  4. Norway
  5. New Zealand
  6. Slovenia
  7. Switzerland
  8. Denmark
  9. Ireland
  10. United Kingdom