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Tom Gill

Tom Gill

Tom grew up in Cornwall, spending most of his teenage years stomping through fields to whatever festival, party, or cider-drinking escapade awaited. On quieter nights, Tom would be found obsessively reading history books, hoping to bore the socks off of some poor sap with facts about the Roman Empire (did you know that flamingo tongues were a delicacy?).

Now, Tom lives in London and is still a history bore, but people seem weirdly less likely to say “oo arrr I can’t be doing with that ol’ rubbish.”

He joined Movehub to continue doing what he’s always loved – writing about different locations and helping people travel to new countries with confidence. After all, as St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.

Tom plans to write many more pages yet, with guides expats can turn to for all the information they’d need to find a home anywhere in the world.

You can get in touch with Tom via email.

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