There are around 9 million US expats enjoying life overseas. These jet-setting citizens are scattered all over the globe – but where are the best countries for American expats to live right now?

Whether you’re looking for the best place to retire or the country with the hottest employment prospects, take a look at our list of the best places for American expats…


For Americans, Canada is one of the easiest countries to emigrate to. Home to one of the largest American expat communities in the world, with up to one million US residents, our liberal next-door neighbor offers a warm welcome.

While we share a language and cultural similarities, Canadian life can feel very different to life in the US. For one thing, there’s so much more space! The population here is around 10% of that in the US, leaving plenty of that iconic Canadian wilderness to explore. Even the cities have a small-town, friendly feel.

Canadian values are famously inclusive, a factor which is appealing to many Americans right now. Equal rights and mutual respect are big here, vital if you want to raise children in a positive environment. Add in the job prospects available in cities like Vancouver and Montreal and the outdoorsy lifestyle and it’s no wonder American are flocking across the border.


The paradise beaches of Mexico mean this colorful country is often considered the best place to retire in the world. The warm climate, delicious food and low cost of living have attracted up to a million US expats.

Mexico can get a bad press when it comes to crime, but you’ll find the people warm and friendly. Many argue it’s even safer for Americans to live in Mexico than in the US. The popular expat destinations, such as Yucatan, Mexico City and the coastline around Cancun, are among the safest in the country.

Many retirees can afford a far more luxurious lifestyle in Mexico than they could in the US, ideal for spending your golden years in comfort. House prices, health insurance and socializing are all much cheaper in Mexico, helping you live well for less.


The UK is one of the best countries for expats who want to move to a country with a similar culture. Our British cousins share everything from our sense of humor to our language. So although the weather can take some getting used to, the transition to your new life should be relatively smooth.

Families are particularly keen on the UK’s great education system, beautiful countryside and safe streets. The UK economy is strong, with the jobs and housing market particularly buoyant in the vibrant capital city of London – one of the top three financial centers in the world.

The UK is home to over 150,000 US citizens, most travelling to study in the world-class universities or work in the multicultural capital. Consider the large cities of the North, such as Manchester and Edinburgh, too. They have a lower cost of living, a friendly atmosphere and lots of cultural events.


A new life ‘Down Under’ is a great option if you love life in the sunshine. Australia is one of best places for expats longing for a more laid-back lifestyle, as Aussies are notoriously relaxed and sociable. For workers who want to enjoy a slower pace of life (while still enjoying good wages), joining the 57,000-strong American expat community in Australia offers the chance for a new lifestyle.

Aussies share much of our culture in terms of language, education and values which makes it a popular destination for families. Australia’s top cities are currently enjoying economic prosperity and have excellent job prospects.

Whether you want to join the surfers on the Gold Coast or soak up the buzzing atmosphere in Sydney, a move to Oz offers everything from breath-taking natural beauty to friendly neighbors.

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If you have the language skills, Germany is one of the best expat countries for families. The education and healthcare systems are excellent, crime is low and you’re surrounded by culture. Historic European architecture, amazing scenery and the delights of Paris, Rome and Copenhagen right on your doorstep. What could be better?

As the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany offers great job prospects to US expats with a good command of the German language. The cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg have the most opportunities, yet still have a low-key size and feel compared to the enormous US cities.

Work-life balance is great with shorter working weeks and longer holidays than you would expect in the States. All the better for exploring the mountains, lakes and cities of this beautiful country.


The largest country in South America not only boasts stunning beaches and a fun-loving spirit, it is also one of the cheapest places to live. The affordable housing market and low cost of living make Brazil one of the cheapest places to retire or work.

70,000 Americans are currently enjoying the Brazilian lifestyle with its carnivals, sunshine and sports. Jobs can be harder to come by than in other expat destinations but if you have Portuguese language skills this will help your chances of securing employment.

The cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have the best job prospects. If you are moving to retire, the seaside city of Joao Pessoa and the scenic island of Florianopolis have a more relaxed atmosphere.


If you’re looking for an exciting and dynamic destination for your move, buzzing Singapore regularly tops the polls of the best places for expats in the world. As the business hub of the east, Singapore is one of the best countries for American expats looking to focus on their careers.

Around 26,000 US citizens have made the move to take advantage of the international culture and the earning potential – the country has one of the highest GDPs in the world. Banking, electronic manufacturing and technology are all thriving sectors.

The bright lights of Singapore offer up lively nightlife from rooftop cocktail bars to street food. You’ll find a heady blend of influences from all over Asia, and the world, are celebrated here making it a great choice for adventurous expats.

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