Our expats struggled to provide just a handful of reasons to move to Abu Dhabi – it seems the reasons are countless. So we’ve slimmed it down on their behalf, and tried to condense the myriad charms to a few key examples of the opportunities presented by a new life in Abu Dhabi. There are plenty of obvious reasons to move here that we needn’t reiterate – great weather, clean beaches, a very stable economy, luxury lifestyle and low crime rates – so we’ll let you in on some proper expat insights here…


Abu Dhabi is an entertainment hub, with more world-class sport and music than you could ever hope to see in a year in the UK. Events like the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix have firmly put this little city on the map as a luxury destination where the people work hard and party harder. Whether you fancy seeing Justin Timberlake or the Rolling Stones at Yas Island, the Volvo Ocean Race at the Marina or the Red Bull Air Race at the mighty Corniche, there’s always something big going on – or just about to happen – here. It’s no wonder so many people want to be right here in the thick of it. Working in industry here, you’re likely to get access to a lot of the bigger events for free or at least a corporate rate.

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Since 2005 it was made legal for expats to buy property in the UAE, and developers were quick to respond to this change in legislation with an abundance of executive accommodation made available for purchase. Despite the fact that many expats still rent happily in Abu Dhabi, the allure of property investment is added to by the distinct lack of capital gains tax here. And while we’re on the subject of tax, nobody pays income tax here, or corporation tax – but you probably knew that already. So whether you’re heading to Abu Dhabi for a new job, for a work promotion or to make the most of the government’s good incentives for new businesses, you’re surely onto a winner either way. We do recommend that you speak to a financial advisor when you get here – it can be all too easy to squander your new ‘disposable’ income in Abu Dhabi. The nightlife is epic, but can be expensive.


The United Arab Emirates is a diverse country almost entirely dominated by expatriates. Just 9% of its inhabitants are native, and Britons make up the largest group of expats with 240,000 living and working here in 2012. You’ll meet tons of like-minded people in Abu Dhabi, many who’ve come from all over the world to live here for similar reasons to your own. In the same way that backpackers often end up making friends for life on their world travels, you may find a more concentrated number of ‘your kind of people’ here than you’d find back home in your comfort zone.