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Shipping costs to Berlin, Germany

Shipping to Berlin, Germany From Trenton, United States of America

Shipping Times

1 - 3 days by air

11 - 17 days by sea
Estimated Shipping Costs to Berlin, Germany

1 bed flat

£1,470 - £1,624
£5,879 - £6,497

3 bed house

£2,261 - £2,499

5 bed house

£3,392 - £3,749

Shipping Container Costs to Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the largest capitals in Europe and is one of the most exciting and unique cities in the world. Berlin is the capital of Germany and is home to many renowned museums, buildings, universities and orchestras. In comparison to other cities in Germany, rent is affordable in Berlin and there are plenty of job opportunities for expats. Accommodation is extremely diverse, from tranquil, family-friendly neighbourhoods to young, artistic driven areas for those who want to experience the city's vibrant nightlife. The city boasts many convenient public transport systems, including buses, ferries, trams and both an over and underground rail system. Berlin is a city brimming with culture and artistic institutions, which strongly values the arts, opera, dance and music. The city is known for its vegan, vegetarian and organic food options, as well as plenty of traditional German cuisine. So, tuck into a currywurst, dˆner kebab or a delicious pfankuchen and wash it down with a refreshing glass of Berliner Weisse!

Once you've found your perfect place in Berlin, you'll need to arrange the transportation of your household goods. There are two options as far as the size of the shipping container goes. A 20-foot container should hold the contents of a 3-bedroom house, or if you wish to bring a vehicle also, a 40-foot container option is available. A 40-foot container should also accommodate the goods inside a 4 or 5-bedroom house. Which ever you end up choosing, your move to Berlin is sure to be smooth sailing.

40ft Shipping Container

67 Cubic Meters | 12.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 40ft Container

Price: £4,296 - £4,748

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image of shipping container
image of shipping container

20ft Shipping Container

33 Cubic Meters | 6.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 20ft Container

Price: £2,261 - £2,499

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Car Shipping Costs to Berlin, Germany

In general a car will fit into a 20ft container. You will also need to consider quarantine and tax charges usually levied on importing vehicles.

car icon

Car Shipped by Sea Freight

Max Dimensions 5.75m x 2.2m x 2.2m (l x w x h)

Base Price: £2261 - £2499

Quarantine & Taxes: £1,000 - £2,500

Price: £3,261 - £4,999

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Unusual Restricted Items

Dangerous Dogs


Dogs belonging to or are crossbreeds of the following: Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier

Unconstitutional Publications/Harmful Media


Unconstitutional publications and media that are deemed harmful to minors

Medicinal Products and Narcotics


Counterfeit medicines, substances that are harmful and frequently used for doping and narcotics are prohibited.

Animal Products

Plant & Animal Products

Meat and milk products from non-EU countries are strictly prohibited.

Products from Protected Species

Plant & Animal Products

Products from protected species listed under CITES

Plants and Plant Products

Plant & Animal Products

Potatoes, vines, wineleaves and soil or any plant substrate from most Easterrn and non-European countries are banned in Germany.

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