If you’re considering moving to Berlin but can’t quite make up your mind, here’s a few reasons for your to consider

Unusually for a city steeped in history and tradition, Berlin is at the forefront of several cultural changes. Particularly popular with young professionals, Berlin has a lot to offer someone looking to move to a city with a strong economy, good job prospects and plenty of culture and nightlife. And with surprisingly low living costs, Berlin could be the perfect place to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Cost of living

As the world’s third largest economic power, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Germany’s capital is an expensive place to live. On the contrary, Berlin has a relatively low cost of living. Property rental, travel and cultural activities are all surprisingly inexpensive. For example, the official short distance fair to ride the subway in Berlin is €1.60, which is reasonable by any city’s standards. Even at restaurants, waiting staff don’t expect to be tipped. However, for those of us who feel it necessary, an extra 5% on top of your final bill is considered more than enough in Berlin.

Employment market

Germany is known for good working conditions, and employees in Berlin enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world. With a generous benefits and welfare system and government mandated job protection, it’s not difficult to see why working in Berlin is appealing to so many. And how does a 35 hour work week and 40 days’ annual holiday allowance sound? What’s more, as of July 2013, Berlin has an unemployment rate of 6.8% which is half the European average – promising news for anyone looking to emigrate. Likewise, if you’re a budding entrepreneur, then Berlin could be the inspiration you need to get your first project off the ground. With a thriving start up scene, Berlin is a hub of creativity with companies such as Soundcloud and Better Place claiming their roots here. Berlin is also home to many co-working spaces, where you can hire desk spaces in offices or cafes for a very reasonable rate.


Over the last few years, Berlin has attracted a new breed of young, modern artists whose influence has been felt throughout the world. In recent times, Berlin has become a cultural hotspot with over 1500 theatres, more than 300 art galleries, 250 public libraries, over 175 museums, 130 cinemas and 3 opera houses now resident in the city. In Berlin, the nightlife never stops and if you’re a fan of electronic music, Germany’s capital is at the cutting edge of techno and house music. In this city, clubs and pubs are open practically all the time; in Berghain, for example, clubs open at 1am at the weekend and don’t close until midday on Sunday.

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Environmentally friendly

Berlin is now considered an eco-friendly city and is particularly renowned for its sustainable transport system. For a city bigger than New York, Berlin has extremely efficient public transport. With its underground rail system, Berlin has 170 subway stations, an extensive tram system and a large bus network. All this public transport means less traffic and less pollution, giving Berlin an eco-friendly city status. What’s more, Berlin has a great rent-a-bike scheme and bikes make up for over 15% of the total traffic on Berlin’s streets. With over 400 miles of bike lanes, and bike stations on practically every street corner, cycling is one of the best ways to travel around the city. And with bike hire starting from 8 cents a minute, who wouldn’t be tempted? On your bike, then. Next stop, Berlin?