Moving to Peru

One of the earliest cradles of civilization, Peru has a history which stretches back to the 30th Century BC when the Norte Chico peoples were building pyramids at the same time as their Egyptian counterparts. Between that time and today Peru has seen the rise and fall of the Incas, the conquest of South America by the Spanish, the regaining of independence in 1821, several military dictatorships and the reestablishment of democracy. It emerges today as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a key player in the newly confident, anti-imperialist, left wing group of South American nations.

Located on the west coast of the continent, Peru is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east and Bolivia and Chile to the south. It has a Pacific Ocean coastline which stretches for more than 2,400km and in parallel to which the Andes Mountain Range runs the entire length of the country. Nestled in this mountain range is Machu Picchu - the most intact remains of Inca civilization, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Peru’s most famous tourist attraction.

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But Peru’s delights run beyond the historical and the natural. The rapidly expanding, export-led economy is leading rising living standards for Peru’s multiethnic, predominantly Spanish speaking population. Cultural high points include the beautiful colonial era baroque buildings of Peru’s major cities - typified in the Historic Centre of Lima - the literature of Mario Vargas Llosa and Ceviche - Peru’s signature dish of fish marinated in citrus juice.

Moving to Peru allows one to benefit from a relatively low cost of living in a temperate country which speaks the world’s second most popular language, which has a culturally diverse population and a stable, progressive political climate. Resident visas are available on a yearly basis.