Moving to Egypt

Egypt is a civilisation established over 7000 years ago hosting many cultural and scientific attractions including the Great Pyramids and The Library of Alexandria. The country has a population of 82 million which makes it the largest country in North Africa and the Arab world. The great majority of residents live near the banks of the Nile River, where the only arable land is found and about half the population lives in urban areas.

Modern Egypt is considered to be a regional and middle power, with significant cultural, political, and military influence in North Africa, the Middle East and the Muslim world. The country's economy is one of the largest and most diversified in the Middle East.

Job market

Egypt is considered one of the fast-tracking developing countries that is progressing rapidly in many areas such as industry and technology to provide the needs of its citizens and to reduce the dependence on the imports. The country adopts this approach to provide more jobs for young youth and to allow the flow of highly qualified expats to be incorporated into the Egyptian job market.

The expats are relocating to further their professional career or to entertain business interests. These jobs provide sufficient wages and an outstanding and respectable outlook, and are available in the infrastructure, agriculture, media, petroleum exports, tourism and technology sectors. So if you would like to work in Egypt, there is a great chance you'll find the job just right for you.

The Egyptian market encourages investment from both companies and entrepreneurs particularly in areas that would facilitate the job market expansion. Entrepreneurs can find new emerging markets and opportunities as the country is actively promoting itself on a global scale. 5000 Le is considered a good local salary that can provide a decent living.

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Property information

When choosing a neighbourhood to live in Egypt you'll have to consider your budget, lifestyle and needs.

A good choice for expats that are seeking a more upscale environment would be Garden City which is in the center of Cairo. It is a very quiet residential area with a great architecture, international schools, green spaces as well as restaurants and malls nearby.

The rent of an average size apartment in a high class neighborhood ranges between £270 and £320. With regards to the neighbours, the Egyptian people tend to be polite, friendly and respect the rights of their neighbours.

Schools and education

There are several international schools that provide an excellent educational level and a suitable environment for education. There are, for example German, American, Russian and Canadian schools. These schools integrate state of the art tools of education and cutting edge technology while incorporating Egyptian culture throughout well-structured curriculum.

You can find international schools in different parts of Cairo, but most of them are in Maadi and Zamalek. The Egyptian education system has witnessed the spread of the international schools phenomenon in the early 1990, This occurred along with the increasing openness to the outside world and the pressing demand of many families to provide high quality education for their children.

These schools provide a sustainable and catalyzing atmosphere for students to build their minds and to express their ideas freely. It's also important to note that the curriculum is internationally accredited. One of the most famous international schools is the American International School which opened its doors to students in 1990. The price of the first year for primary school is 10.300 US dollars, which is equivalent to 73 665 Egyptian pounds.

Shipping costs

The average shipping cost of moving for a family of three from the following cities to Cairo will be approximately:

FromEstimated Cost
London£489 - £522
New York£2674 - £2859
Melbourne£6186 - £6612
Abu Dhabi£5377 - £5747

A day in Cairo

Egypt benefits from a wonderful weather all year round, with a temperature ranging from 27 to 32°C in the summer and 20 to 27°C in the winter.

As you can imagine, there is also a large number tourist and cultural attractions such as Giza Necropolis, Karnak, the Red sea reef, Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel among the few.

You can then embark on a cruise on river Nile. On the boat you can enjoy a drink while admiring the temples and monuments along the river bank.

If you like open and green spaces you can navigate your way to Al azhar park, where you will find massive eye-catching gardens and Islamic architectural masterpieces.