Ah, Western Australia. A place where you can swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef, visit Rottnest Island and snap a selfie with a quokka, or just relax with a glass of wine at Margaret River.

And what better place to be the capital of this stunning state than the city of Perth? Perhaps no Australian capital has changed as much in recent decades as Perth – which is now the fourth-largest city in Australia.

This rapid development has led to more employment opportunities for skilled migrants. So, what are the steps you need to take to complete your move to Perth, and then work in this wonderful city?

Well, first of all, you’ll need an appropriate visa, which will be granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The most reliable route to obtaining a visa to live and work in Perth is through the sponsorship of a Perth based employer.

However, different visas will apply to your situation – so we’re here to guide you through the options. Below, shed some light on which visa you’ll need, and how to go about getting it.

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a view of buildings in Perth

A view of Perth’s built up skyline – something that has only emerged in the past few decades

Employer-sponsored temporary visas

The temporary work (also known as the ‘skilled’) visa allows an employer to sponsor an employee to live and work in Australia for up to four years. 

Although this sounds simple, the company has to prove it cannot find an Australian citizen to do the work, so it can be quite a challenging visa to get a hold of. The company also has to become an approved sponsor prior to submitting the application.

If successful, the employee can bring a spouse and dependents over to Australia.

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Employer-sponsored permanent visas

Employers which are approved sponsors can also sponsor an employee to live and work in Australia permanently. This visa allows the holder and family to access social security and Medicare programs and can lead to citizenship.

It’s also possible to apply to upgrade a temporary employer-sponsored visa to a permanent one. This application can be lodged after two years with your employer when they want to make your position permanent.

Regional sponsored visas

There are also regional variants of the above two types of visa where sponsorship comes from a regionally based employer (in this case, one based in Perth).

SkillSelect visas

What is SkillSelect?

The SkillSelect scheme is an initiative, set out by the Australian immigration authorities. It’s designed to make sure immigrants with the right skills are migrating to the right parts of Australia. Visas obtained through the SkillSelect programme can be temporary or permanent.


How to apply for SkillSelect

You can apply for a visa on the basis of your skills, with a nomination from a state or territory or with a sponsorship from a relative in Australia or with neither.

The application is points-based, and those applicants with nominations or sponsorships receive more points towards their target.

In order to apply for this scheme, you must submit an expression of interest and take the points test. If eligible you will then receive an invitation to apply for a visa for one of West Australia’s skill shortages.


Occupation shortage list

States, territories, and employers are able to nominate applicants on the basis of their skills which can help you pass the visa application process if you’re prepared to move to that region. Western Australia has its own list of occupations in demand, which include everything from medical roles to farmwork and community service. It also requires that nominees live and work in the state for two years and bring with them sufficient funds to support themselves for three months.

Sponsorship by a relative in Western Australia can, in the first instance, only lead to provisional visa which lasts for four years and which permits you to live and work only in WA.

a man cycling in Perth

A cyclist rides over the Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge, with a sun-soaked view of the city ahead

Fees and charges

The temporary visas are slightly less expensive, ranging from 175 AUD for short stays to 3,800 AUD for sports and entertainment industry professionals.

You can also apply through your partner, parent or even child, if you are of a certain age and they are an Australian resident.

To find out more about the different working permits you can get to take up work in Perth, read our guide to visas for Australia.

Now that you’ve got your visa sussed out, you should be ready for the big move! Next on the to-do list? Shipping.

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