The season for merriment and festive cheer is almost upon us with just 26 days til Christmas. And during this particularly booze fuelled time of year, we thought we’d take a look at how much people spend on wine across the globe, and the results are fairly impressive!

For our latest study, we compared the Wine Institute’s data on the consumption of wine per person with the price of a standard bottle of wine (Numbeo data), and calculated the average amount each person spends on wine every year around the world. Check out the results in the infographic below:

UK Wine Consumption

The average person in the UK drinks almost 30 bottles of wine each year, or the equivalent of 180 glasses. Each person spends approximately £194 per year and almost £7 on a bottle.

Despite this seemingly impressive budget, there are 22 other countries in the world that spend more! So, where in the world is wine more popular?

Wine Consumption in Europe

Generally, Europeans spend the most on wine each year with many European countries spending between £50 and £400. The Swiss are the biggest spenders not only in Europe, but in the world with an annual budget of more than £500 per person. This extravagant annual spend is due to the hefty price of £9.38 for a mid range bottle.

The few exceptions with a smaller budget for wine are Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Albania and Montenegro where they spend less than £20 per year on wine. Kosovo has the smallest annual spend of all the European countries with an annual spend of 60p per year.

Wine Consumption Across the Globe

The top 5 countries with the Biggest Annual Spend (per person, per year)

  • Switzerland: £505.50
  • Cayman Islands: £457.75
  • Falkland Islands : £451.76
  • Aruba : £403.26
  • Norfolk Island : £372.67

The top 5 countries with the Smallest Annual Spend (per person, per year)

  • Ethiopia: 2p
  • India: 7p
  • Burundi: 8p
  • Turkmenistan: 9p
  • Nepal: 12p

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