Moving abroad is one of the most exciting life changes for any family, but it can also be one of the most challenging. Either way it represents the opportunity to set out on a new adventure and explore new horizons together. When you use the right tools and enlist competent support (which MoveHub provides), your move will go seamlessly!

Assisting clients in finding the best and most affordable shipping isn’t our sole wheelhouse. We’re also a fantastic resource for finding suitable and affordable storage for your belongings while you sort out your new residence overseas, and we also have some great tips that will ensure that your new adventure goes smoothly:

Determine what you want to store

One of the first tasks you’ll face is making decisions about your personal property. Essentially, you’ll want to divide your belongings into several groups:

Items you will not keep or take with you

This should be the first group you earmark because you’ll want to make arrangements for what you will do with these belongings prior to your move. Unless you plan on driving in your new country and shipping your car overseas, think about why you should keep your automobile. Options include giving this property away, donating it, and selling it via eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist, a garage sale, etc.

Items you will transport and use immediately

These are items which you will want to use even in your temporary residence while you search for a more long-term living situation. That doesn’t mean you won’t need international storage at all for this group of belongings, as they may be shipped considerably before your move.

Nonetheless, you may find a short-term storage option that’s more affordable and preferable for these belongings vs those which may require storage for a longer period of time. You’ll want to make an inventory of these items so that you know just how much short-term storage you’ll require.

Also, making this list can help you make more practical decisions about what you do and don’t need immediately upon moving. You may discover that you need items you hadn’t considered, or that you were planning on putting too many things in this category. Take a look at our guide to packing for an international move if you’re not sure where to begin.

Having a comprehensive list can help you more easily visualise what you need.

Items you will transport and place into storage

This final category includes items that you won’t need until you’ve moved into your more permanent residence in your new location. For example, you may be staying at a hotel or furnished apartment when you first arrive, and as a result, you’ll need long-term storage for items like furniture and appliances.

You may also want to put things like out-of-season clothing, collections, most toys, or other similarly less critical items into longer-term international storage while you apartment hunt or house shop.

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Finding the right storage service provider

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you’ll need to store and for how long, it’s time to find the storage service provider that’s right for your needs. Obviously, this in itself can be something as a challenge, since you’ll be seeking out a provider located in a different country.

The challenge inherent in making sure you get a good deal and quality service while comparing companies that are located in another country is a serious one, and it’s one with which you’ll probably need some assistance.

Levels of service and prices can vary enormously, and it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not you’re getting the best deal or the lowest quotes, especially when you’re unfamiliar with storage practices in your destination company.

Because of these challenges, it’s vitally important that you compare quotes from different service providers. You’ll also want to compare what each company offers as part of its service package.

Comparing quotes through MoveHub

Thankfully, you’re not in this alone—you have MoveHub to help. Movehub’s primary purpose is to help you make informed decisions about every detail of your international move, and that includes finding you the most affordable and suitable international storage and cheap international shipping options.

We make comparing price quotes and services a painless process. Not only is it much more convenient than attempting to do the legwork on your own, but you’ll also be surprised by how much money you can potentially save when comparing quotes through our service.

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