Going on a holiday, or even backpacking in another country, is a great thing to do. Yet, it’s not quite the same as moving abroad, as you will find out.

Wait a minute, MoveHub, I studied abroad that one time in that one place for a term. Doesn’t that count as living abroad?

Sure, studying abroad in Italy for a few months may count, but not if you spend time only with students from home. That’s not the best way to experience all that you can.

There are things you learn when you settle into a country that you cannot learn from just visiting. Getting a place to live, a job and a circle of local friends are part of this.

Moving to another country – for at least a short period of time in your life – is a rewarding experience. Living abroad helps you grow into a stronger, more tolerant, employable, and wiser person.

Here are some of the reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once in their lives:

Challenges help you learn and grow

Moving abroad brings with it a lot of challenges, but nothing you cannot handle. You will have to apply for a visa, search for a job, find a place to live, learn a new language, and more.

These things can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but are worth the experience.

You will learn a lot of skills when you are tackling these tasks and you will also increase your self-confidence. Once you have moved abroad you will feel like you can do anything!

It will look great on your CV

Living abroad will look fantastic on your CV and will help you to get a job in the future. Employers love to see organised, efficient candidates who are independent enough to orchestrate a solo move overseas.

You have demonstrated that you can go outside of your comfort zone and learn new skills. Also, living abroad shows that you are understanding and tolerant of other cultures.

See there is no “right” way of doing things

When you live in another culture for a while, you will start to notice all the things that are different compared to your home country.

Some will be small differences, others larger, more shocking ones. The most important thing is realising that even though certain customs are unfamiliar, they work for locals.

Every culture does things a little differently and it may not be right or wrong, it’s just what the vast majority of people accept. You should go with it and find out why things are the way they are before judging.

Soon you know the lingo, understand gestures, and help other foreigners with directions.

Make friends from another country

One of the most valuable aspects of living abroad is making friends with the locals. Having friends from another country is key and gives you a fascinating insight into their culture.

New friends explain the local traditions, teach you the language, share favourite foods and make you feel at home. Even if they’re not from the country you moved to, you will still learn about a totally new culture.

Learn more about your home country

When you leave your country and live somewhere else, you will answer many questions about your homeland. Be aware, some of the inquiries might be incorrect and ill-informed. Yet, this can teach you a lot about how others view your country and which elements you take for granted.

Whether you move from Australia to the UK or swap New Zealand for Brazil, give another country a go. The further afield and culturally different, the more rewarding it will be. Even nearby countries such as the US and Canada have their cultural differences.

You will be able to gain insight from the perspective of others and learn more about your home, so that you can tell others. The stories you share will captivate those around you, especially in a different culture.

Want to train in Shanghai, brush up on Spanish in Argentina, or just get away and see the world? Go on then, make the move. Above are just a few reasons why you should have this incredible experience at least once in your life.