Just like with global passport power, the UK takes the crown with the most powerful (most transferable) driving licence in the world!

You’ve made the decision to move abroad, and you’re planning on driving in your new destination. You might be asking questions such as, will I be able to drive straight away in my new country, can I transfer my existing licence to the licence of my new country, how long will this take and what is the process?

An interactive map by Compare the Market could be a good starting point to get an idea of the kind of hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to transfer your current licence to a licence of your new country of residence.

The interactive ranks the driving licences of 22 countries by the amount of ‘power’ they hold – a ranking factor based on various permissions and restrictions that occur when transferring one licence to another.

If you have a UK or French licence – the two most powerful – you’re in for an easier ride than those with a Russian licence (the least powerful) who may find themselves before a series of hurdles before they can even think about transferring their licence abroad.

Interestingly, according to the research, all 21 licences have no power at all in China – if you want to drive in China, you must start afresh and undergo their driving tests. Unfortunately they are notoriously difficult with the locals alone, with pass rates as low as 4%; good luck!

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Each country details some of the more practical things you should know before driving on foreign turf – in Japan you must purchase a parking space and have certificate proof before you can purchase a car, and in nearly all US states, turning right on a red light is permitted unless otherwise stated.

Drive safe!