THE FOOD in Australia is really delicious; everyone who has been there says so. People who don’t know better might think Aussies eat nothing but ‘bush tucker’: kangaroo, emu, croc… but the Australian restaurant scene is a lot more varied than that.

Quite a bit of traditional Australian food was inherited from its colonial British past, like meat pies and fish ‘n chips; other dishes were created in honour of individuals, like pavlova, melba toast and peach melba; and some seasonal or festive foods were conjured during recent history, such as the Anzac biscuits sent to Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) troops during World War I.

The variety of recipe and freshness of ingredients makes Australia a haven for foodies. Forget about ‘traditional’ cooking for now, even though it’s tasty. Australian cuisine is bubbling with influences from China, Thailand, Japan, Lebanon, France, Vietnam, Greece and a panoply of African countries like Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Mauritius, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Noodles, broths, dumplings, dips, sauces, sushi, herbs, spices… There are so many flavours in the pot that the Australian food bloggers network has flourished. Here are the best – we think – Australian food blogs. If you’re travelling or moving to Australia then lucky you! You have some good eating ahead.



“Sweet and Sour Fork started in 2011, when a 17 year-old pharmacy student in Australia decided that she would rather be eating food and writing about said food than learning about drugs. These days, she spends her time honing her skills with her beloved DSLR, bullying her long-suffering friends into ordering what she wants to eat, and staying up until 3am with a cup of green tea, researching her next meal.”


“Sydney is blessed with fantastic weather and great food. Almost one in three Sydneysiders speak a language other than English at home; they’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to diverse and affordable food.

Thang Ngo is a Sydney based food writer and commentator. His video food blog, noodlies is less about fancy and pricey fine dining, and more about revealing unique and exciting food experiences in Sydney that won’t send you broke. Thang features hole-in-the-wall and humble ma-and-pa eateries serving honest, authentic food – Vietnamese, Chinese, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Italian, Chilean, Korean and more… Thang has eaten, blogged, and lived to tell the tale.”

noodlies’ recommendation:

Bau Truong42 John St, Cabramatta, NSW 2166 (02) 9727 4492

Over two decades ago, Cabramatta, in Sydney’s south west was notorious for being the drugs capital of Australia. Mrs Bac Cang Nghieu had a little restaurant there and faced daily struggles with drug dealers and addicts who would rob them and generally scare them witless. But her gregariousness and bravery kept her going.

Today, the drug problem is long gone and Cabramatta is a vibrant, multicultural tourist destination. And Mrs Nghieu (now 68 y/o) has the last laugh. Her home style Vietnamese restaurant, Bau Truong is a Sydney favourite and one of the busiest in Cabramatta. Her specialty is Bo Bay Mon – tender, mouthwatering beef cooked seven different ways including fry-at-the-table, hot pot and congee. Another of my favourites (and their biggest seller) is taro spring rolls; it’s unique for a couple of reasons, the taro filling and the special rice paper that puffs when fried. Roll them up in the lettuce, pickles and fresh mints provided, dip in the amber chilli and garlic fish sauce for a taste sensation.


“Foodie cravings started in 2011 as a way for Michelle, the foodie behind Foodie Cravings, to remember what she ate so she could share her favourite finds with fellow Perth foodies and avoid average dining experiences.

Michelle craves all sorts of random things at odd hours hence the name foodie cravings. The blog has grown significantly over the years and has become much more than Michelle’s ‘food diary’.

foodie cravings is all about Michelle and her burger-eating half, burger boy’s food experiences. On her blog you will find Perth restaurant, bar and café reviews; interviews with successful and local foodies; event and product launches; food related product reviews; and her business journey in the Perth hospitality industry”.

Michelle (@foodie cravings | | | | and Michelle has her own pizza place that’s well worth a visit –> Crust Mount Lawley)

foodie cravings’ recommendation:

I have a favourite restaurant for every cuisine but my latest craving is Hawker’s Cuisine in Perth’s China Town. I love their rendang beef (best eaten with their house made roti) and famous marmite pork ribs.


(A great thing to read is an article by Ms Bureaucrat, one of the Eat Drink and Be Merry Crew, about the difference between Australian and British food, written for Movehub.)

Eat And Be Merry, Movehub, Australia food blog,

“Platefuls of cheap dumplings for the harried office worker, breakfasts at the industrial-chic cafe to please the ultra cool hipster and the opera of fine dining for the discerning food snob—the Eat And Be Merry Crew have eaten at all these places and have lots of suggestions to help you plan your next meal out!
The Eat And Be Merry Crew is a group of Melbournians who are friends and love eating out. We travel all over Melbourne (and across Australia and the rest of the world) in search of the best food experiences—no restaurant is too far or too close. Want to eat somewhere that’s in your neighbourhood, on the other side of town or involves a seven hour drive? We’ve probably been there!
Our blog records where we’ve been, what we thought of it and shares our experiences with you. Join us as we sample flame grilled Afghani kebabs, Taiwanese braised pork buns, hearty Polish pierogis, Uyghur lamb pie, and sizzling Korean bibimbaps. Here’s to happy eating!”

Eat And Be Merry recommendation:

My favourite place at the moment is Operator 25 in West Melbourne and my favourite dish there is the twice cooked beef short ribs, carrot puree, sauteed veg and beef jus.

I’m Still Hungry – @nclfrk799

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

– “these words by Virginia Woolf is what makes I’m Still Hungry what it is. The blog initially started as a form of ‘peer pressure’ from friends, who made the observation that my love of photography and food could be combined. Little did I know that it would become the blog it is today getting over 20k hits a month. I want to share my food adventures for all those who may be interested, for those who want to see the breadth and depth of cuisine of all cultures that Sydney offers, and for myself, as a food diary of sorts. Enjoy!”

I’m Still Hungry recommendation:

Picking a favourite is a really, really hard one, as there’s many different cuisines which are difficult to compare. One day I could be in the mood for a juicy steak, another, some delicious ramen.

I suppose if I had to choose a place right now to eat at, it would be Kepo’s St Kitchen. They do a killer bacon brioche bun with chilli jam!


“David Hagger has a penchant for finery, convivial dining, and festive culture. Since launching the site in Nov 2011 David has reviewed around 550 restaurants in Melbourne and is badly in need of a treadmill. The World Loves Melbourne is a leading food and travel blog and is ranked no.1 on Urbanspoon Worldwide and no. 1 in Melbourne, as well as Top Australian Food and Travel Blog HotelClub (hotel industry) in 2013.”

The World Loves Melbourne recommendation:

My favourite restaurant is The Town Mouse in Melbourne, fairly new to the scene. My favourite dish is their slow-roasted saltgrass lamb shoulder (900g), chargrilled cos, lemon, & tahini.


“I started The Food Pornographer blog in August 2005. It combines the things I love to do the most: eat, travel, take photographs and tell stories. I blog about my travels, restaurants, food events and markets, and family meals. I’m immensely proud to be Western Australian and love sharing pictures and spreading the word about our great food and local producers. My camera goes everywhere with me, and I’m always on the lookout for tasty treats, especially those involving bacon or durian.”

The Food Pornographer’s recommendation:

I have lots of favourite places to eat, but right now I’m addicted to No.6 ramen with fried chicken on top and soy sauce broth at Dosukoi in Allendale Square in the Perth CBD.


“iMasticate is the best place for me to rant and rave about food, without driving people crazy. The credit goes to my best friend for convincing me to blog and share all my wise words (haha). Seriously though, Perth has lots of awesome and awful restaurants. I looove food and bargains, so check out iMasticate for my honest and unpretentious reviews.”

iMasticate’s recommendation:

“It’s fair to say that I will always crave Hainanese chicken rice: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tak Chee in Northbridge has the best chicken rice that I’ve tasted outside of Singapore!”

Thanks to all the food bloggers! You should go and check out their sites immediately.