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Shipping costs to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Shipping to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates From Luanda, Angola

Shipping Times

1 - 3 days by air

10 - 15 days by sea
Estimated Shipping Costs to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

1 bed flat

£2,775 - £3,067
£11,099 - £12,267

3 bed house

£4,269 - £4,718

5 bed house

£6,404 - £7,077

Shipping Container Costs to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is one of the world's largest producers of oil. The city is a mÈlange of many different nationalities and cultures, which makes for an exciting, vibrant city. Another area that benefits from the city's diversity is the restaurant scene, which specialise in every type of food imaginable, from Italian and French, to Chinese and Indian. For those of you who love nature, there are more than 2,000 parks and gardens where you can get away from the busy city and enjoy Abu Dhabi's natural beauty. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is considered one of the city's most significant architectural landmarks and is built from materials from several different countries, including Germany, India, China and Italy. The cityscape is made up of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings and houses many important financial institutions, such as the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Expats will no doubt be thrilled with Abu Dhabi's year-round sunny weather, with clear blue skies. The winter months range from warm to cool, whilst the summer months get very hot and humid. But before you start packing your sun cream and sunglasses, you must arrange the moving of your belongings. As a rule of thumb, a 20-foot container will accommodate the contents of a 3-bedroom house and a 40-foot container will accommodate the contents of a 4 to 5-bedroom house. If you're also planning on taking a vehicle, a 40-foot container could hold a car and a 3-bedroom house.

40ft Shipping Container

67 Cubic Meters | 12.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 40ft Container

Price: £8,111 - £8,964

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image of shipping container
image of shipping container

20ft Shipping Container

33 Cubic Meters | 6.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 20ft Container

Price: £4,269 - £4,718

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Car Shipping Costs to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

In general a car will fit into a 20ft container. You will also need to consider quarantine and tax charges usually levied on importing vehicles.

car icon

Car Shipped by Sea Freight

Max Dimensions 5.75m x 2.2m x 2.2m (l x w x h)

Base Price: £4269 - £4718

Quarantine & Taxes: £1,000 - £2,500

Price: £5,269 - £7,218

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Unusual Restricted Items

Laser pens


Laser pens and pointers.


Home & Garden

Organic and chemical fertilisers are banned.

Non-Islamic Religious Pamphlets


Pamphlets that are meant for missionary activities

Pornographic materials


Pornographic materials of all kinds

Controlled medicines and Narcotics


All medicines on the controlled drugs list. See exemptions.



Amounts in excess of AED 100,000

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