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Best Neighbourhoods For Something Completely Different

While most of the world is still struggling to come to grips with the reality of climate change and resource depletion some cities are stealing a march on becoming sustainable. Continue reading

Best Neighbourhoods For Retirees

Finally throwing off the shackles of career-building and child-rearing leaves many people feeling so footloose and fancy-free again that a change of location seems almost obligatory.Continue reading

Best Neighbourhoods For New Families

Finding the right neighbourhood to live in can determine not only who your children’s friends are but also how occupied they’re kept, how healthy they are, how happy their parents are, and even how much time you get to spend with them.Continue reading

Best Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

Ah to be young. With no strings, no commitments and no qualms about upping sticks and spending a few years pursuing wealth, wisdom and wild times in a country halfway round the world. If we were still young (and/or professional) here are the top ten neighbourhoods we’d be looking to move to in 2015.Continue reading

International Removals Freight Rates and Trends in 2017

As the number of people who up sticks and head for a new country increases year by year the international shipping market for personal goods grows and becomes more sophisticated...Continue reading

Places You Should Buy Overseas Property Right Now

Property is always near the top of the list when it comes to sensible places to stash your cash. After all, as Mark Twain said, ‘Buy land - they’re not making it anymore’. But some property markets are better than others...Continue reading

Moving to a Cold Country

So you’re moving to your very own winter wonderland, and with our chilly winters and tepid summers, you reckon you’ll acclimatise quickly. You might well know how to layer up for the big freeze in Scandinavia or Canada, but your furniture and electronic goods might need a little more TLC.Continue reading

Military Moves

Being relocated with the Armed Forces is often par for the course and an exciting opportunity to see the world and live within a different culture for a period of time. Continue reading

Moving All Of Your Belongings Abroad

So you’re moving abroad for work, adventure or retirement, and you have a whole house, shed and garage full of belongings you want to take with you. If you plan ahead you’ll limit any unnecessary stress and ensure you’re getting a good deal on all the moving services you employ along the way.Continue reading

Moving a Big Family of Five

Relocating abroad is a daunting prospect in itself without the added cost and admin involved with moving a large family. But the devil is in the detail when moving a big family abroad, and there’s no such thing as over planning a move of this scale.Continue reading