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Movehub Advice - Make your move

How to Pack for an International Move

Whether it’s prompted by career, family, or something in between, getting ready to move abroad can be an exciting new chapter in life. If you’re preparing to pack for a fresh start in a new country and could use a little help started... Continue reading

Working as a woman in the UAE

Working in the UAE can be incredibly exciting and rewarding for anyone. The amazing weather, the fun atmosphere, and the tax free salaries make going to the office on a Monday morning more enjoyable than anywhere else in the world.Continue reading

Differences between US and UK Education

While the US and the UK are both modern, western world countries with excellent educational facilities, there are many differences between their education systems.Continue reading

Shipping Your Car Overseas

There are many companies specialising in overseas shipping of different vehicles. If you are moving abroad, or just plan to visit for a predetermined period but wish to have your car with you, such companies can be of great assistance.Continue reading

Studying at a University in the UK

Considering studying at a university in the UK? There are a few things you should know before you apply from overseas, from terms to campus culture and fees. MoveHub take you through the different facets of UK universities to make sure your move to the UK is as smooth as possible.Continue reading

Moving Furniture Abroad

You've decided to make the move to live abroad that you've been planning for years. With only weeks to go, it's time to think about moving your furniture. What to take? What to sell? This article will make things easy for you by giving you all the advice you need on moving your furniture abroad.Continue reading

Cheap International Shipping

Moving abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture, try new foods, learn a new language among many other life changing opportunities. It’s no wonder that people pounce on the first chance they get to live in a foreign country. Continue reading

Leaving the UK : Get Your Tax Refund

You have obviously been fulfilling the legal requirements to pay appropriate tax whilst you have been working here, so make sure that you get any tax refunds you are due before you leave.Continue reading

Top 5 money tips for people moving overseas

The top tips for money and currency exchange for people who are moving abroad from MoveHub's partners, Currencies Direct.Continue reading

How to save money on shipping for International Students

As a student you probably don't have many possessions or much money to spare, which is the reason you'll most probably find shared shipping to be the most convenient method.Continue reading