• Uncover our top 10 best pet couriers in this guide
  • Get multiple quotes before making your decision 
  • Look at customer reviews for a true insight into their service
  • Take your time and make sure the pet courier you choose is right for you

Moving your pet abroad is not easy, and when it comes to transporting them, you want to make sure they’re in safe hands. This is why it’s important to find the right pet courier. 

The aim of this article is to make one thing less stressful by outlining our top 10 pet couriers in 2024. The results below are based on customer reviews from Google, TrustPilot and social media. We’ll offer an overview on who they are, the services they offer and contact information. 

Some of the top-rated companies include Starwood Pet Travel, Jets 4 Pets and Transfur Animals. 

Once you’ve decided on your pet courier, check out our guide on pet travel costs, which offers a full guide on what’s needed to move your pet to popular expat destinations, including Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

Please note that all of the following pet couriers are members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Our decision on the ‘best’ couriers is based on research of each website, as well as customer reviews on Trustpilot, social media and Google. 

1. Starwood Pet Travel

Starwood Pet Travel is a UK-based company dedicated to ensuring your pet is moved abroad safely, comfortably, and that the whole process is stress-free for you and your (possible) four-legged friend. 

As a member of the International Pet & Animal Transport Association (IPATA), Starwood Pet Travel is also able to partner with other businesses across the globe in order to deliver your pet door-to-door. 

You can contact Starwood via their website or by simply filling in this quick form to receive a free quote today. 

What services do they offer?

Starwood Pet Travel customises its pet transport service packages, whether you want a hands-on approach with its Pet Travel Knowledge Base, or require top-notch customer service and door-to-door support from industry experts. 

Within its packages, Starwood Pet Travel prides itself on its transparent pricing, pet travel portal, care tags, regular communication and updates, IATA-compliant travel kennel, pick up meet and greets, top-rated kennel boarding, health certificate completion, USDA endorsement and all airport services. The company also manages all air cargo service, customs clearance and they deliver your pets to their new residence or handover at the airport. 

Once the paperwork is signed, Starwood Pet Travel requires all contact information from your trusted vet and collaborates quickly with them. They then review all documents with your vet and communicate regularly with you so you are always kept well-informed. Starwood also helps with all permits and quarantine requirements. 

Why trust them?

Starwood Pet Travel has received almost 4,000 reviews on REVIEWS.io, securing an average rating of 4.9, putting them at number one of our top 10 recommendations. 

One customer review said: “The process to bring a dog from America to Australia is complicated and time consuming. I was so thrilled with the service we received from Starwood. Molly was always so responsive and helpful. I was so glad that she was there to make sure every box was ticked and nothing left to chance. Our beautiful dog Mistry arrived safe and sound in Melbourne last week, she was happy, healthy and thrilled to be home.” 

Another review said: “From the very first ‘hello’ it was clear that choosing them was the right thing to do. Overall this was a great experience and I cannot imagine how one could possibly do this without a professional team that takes care of things. Here are the things that stood out to us: 

  1. Having a dedicated travel coordinator that is assigned to the case was really great because it made communications fast, easy and efficient 
  2. When it became clear we could move much sooner than we originally thought, everybody at Starwood stepped up to the challenge of getting all the vet work, permits and flight reservation done before MPI and quarantine in NZ shut down for the summer holiday break
  3. The dogs were taken care of really well on the day of the flight and a good number of photos and flight tracking information put us at ease, knowing the dogs will be okay. 
  4. The communications between Starwood, our vets, USDA, NZ MPI, quarantine facility and Air NZ all were in the background and expertly taken care of. The instructions for the final vet work up at home were great and very clear. 

2. Air Pets

AirPets is a UK-based company and was first established in 1966 as a boarding kennels business. Following the introduction of the Rabies Act 1974 and located so close to Heathrow Airport, the kennels were then used to provide animal accommodation to meet the quarantine requirements of that time. 

Air Pets is now an IATA accredited cargo agent and has the ability to make flexible airline bookings on behalf of pet owners. 

What services do they offer?

The pet relocation company offers global pet travel advice and specialist veterinary expertise provided through Travelvet Ltd, a local independent vets who specialise in global pet travel. 

Its other list of services include: 

  • Licensed pet transport anywhere in the UK with its temperature controlled fleet
  • Booking of the most direct, time efficient flights for your pets
  • Comprehensive door-to-door pet relocation to destinations around the world
  • Supply of IATA-approved air kennels 
  • Priority access to its animal lounge before or after their flight 

If you’re bringing your pet into the UK, Airpet can assist with the following: 

  • Liaise with the relevant authorities to make sure your pets transition into the country is smooth
  • Arrange collection of your pets from the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre or organise home delivery of your pets
  • Offer extended stays in its animal lounge after landing at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport if needed
  • Assist with quarantine booking, if required

Make sure to check out our pet relocation costs guide to see if quarantine is required.

Why trust them? 

According to Trustpilot, Air Pets has a 4.8 customer rating with more than 600 reviews, with a further 5 star rating on various social media platforms. 

Popular reports comment on the company’s communication and service, including prompt responses and a seamless experience overall. 

One customer commented: “We used Air Pets and had the same consultant from start to finish. The standard of care from the moment we started the journey from the UK and Australia. Each confusing step from vet appointments to completing quarantine paperwork, Air Pets helped and managed everything for us.” 

3. Pets Abroad UK

The UK-based company offers international pet transport for Australia, New Zealand, the US, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and South Africa. 

According to the company website, it tailors all relocation packages that are specific to you, your pet and your final destination. If you’re halfway through your planning process already, Pets Abroad UK say they can help at any stage. 

What services do they offer?

Pets Abroad UK offer both domestic and international travel services. A key aspect of their services is selecting the right crate. Each crate, according to the company, is selected based on their individual measurements so they can easily stand, sit and lie down. 

Each pet will be transported in climate-controlled vehicles by a pet handling specialist and transported to the company’s holding facilities before travelling. Your pet will have access to specialty food, water and regular walks.  

The company also helps coordinate all the necessary paperwork, permits, quarantine requirements and vet checks to ensure there are no delays. 

In terms of airlines, the company works with Qantas, Air New Zealand, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Emirates. 

Why trust them?

Pets Abroad UK has a 5 star rating across its social media platforms, a 4.5 star rating on TrustPilot and a 4.7 staff rating on Google. 

A review said of the company: “We have the absolute pleasure to get our miniature schnauzer to New Zealand with us. The service was phenomenal, from start to finish. Communication was everything and they made sure we knew everything well in advance. We were extremely happy with the service they provided and would highly recommend them.” 

Another said: “Pets Abroad was my UK agency to send my pet to India. There were lots of changes to the schedule due to adverse weather conditions, but they were able to co-ordinate with me seamlessly around the clock for the safe dispatch of my pet. They facilitated it very well in all aspects.” 

Choosing the right pet courier for you is imperative to keep your furry friends safe

4. Pets on the Move UK

Pets on the Move UK has over 25 years of experience in transporting pets, plus its family-run. The company operates around the world, but its main locations are: 

  • Dubai
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

Its core business values are dedication, attention to detail, care, honesty, responsibility, professionalism, excellent customer service and 24/7 support for its clients. 

Its full services include boarding facilities, custom made travel kennels, customs procedures, pet collection, pet export, pet import and vet services. 

What services do they offer?

Offering a personalised approach is key to Pets on the Move UK’s ethos. They tailor its services to meet the specific needs of both you and your pet, whether they have a special diet or need an extra walk. 

The company also helps with documentation, health checks and helps organise travel arrangements, helping to minimise any delays or complications that can arise during the export process. 

When it comes to exporting your pet, Pet on the Move has a host of trusted partners, including customs agencies, veterinarians and transportation providers worldwide. 

Why trust them?

Pets on the Move UK has an average rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot and a 4.4 rating on social media platforms. Most reviews comment on the company’s customer service and their ability to safely transport pets. 

One review said: “Pets on the Move did an absolutely wonderful job transporting us with our cat during our move to the UK. They went above and beyond to make us comfortable, offering stops whenever we needed them, providing a litter box and even an extra stop along the way to pick something up for our cat. Our cat was so happy to relax after a long flight, highly recommend this service.” 

Wondering how much relocating your pet is actually going to cost you? It depends on lots of variables, so it makes sense to get a quote that’s tailored to you.

We recommend Starwood Animal Transport – experts who can help you with the whole process, from documentation and travel crates to flights and safe transit. Simply fill in this form and they’ll get back to you with a quote.

5. AIA Pets

AIA Pets is an accredited member of the IPATA and is one of the newer companies on the list, as it was established in 2011.  

The company helps with all documentation that’s required, as well as everything else. The company states: “From your initial enquiry to communicating with each party involved with your pet travel, from airlines, airports, as well as authorities to make sure they’re aware of your pet’s travel.” 

You can find out more about what they do through the AIA Pets website or calling 0203 432 7828. 

What services do they offer?

For pet exportation, AIA Pets provide all the necessary information relating to what’s needed for your pet to travel to its destination. They also ensure you have all details of all regulatory authorities with the most up-to-date information on country specifications that your pet is travelling to or from. 

AIA Pets checks your preferred flight and date for suitability and aim to go the extra mile to find a solution that best suits your travel requirements. They also handle all communication with yourselves and any third parties involved, like the airline, airport teams and authorities. 

AIA Pets also handle pets entering the UK, too. Similar to exporting, AIA Pets works with you to ensure your pets arrive safely at their final UK destination. The process is pretty similar to pet exportation, except requirements will differ country to country. 

Why trust them?

On Trustpilot, AIA Pets has a 4.5 rating and a further 4.3 rating on social media. Most reviews comment on the company’s communication, professionalism and genuine care for their pets. 

One review said: “AIA Pets gave me confidence from the first email communication, where many other companies refused as Fresh bulldogs are not the easiest breed to travel. The whole process was very detailed and all points were taken care of so the overall process was literally stress free. They provide full door-to-door service and the price is the best compared with other companies quoted.” 

6. Animal Couriers

Animal Couriers offers pet transport and animal shipping services throughout the UK, Europe and overseas. The company transports pets by road throughout Europe in Defra-authorised vehicles, and helps arrange air freight throughout the world. 

The company advises on pet passports, animal health certificates and import and export requirements. They also provide source-related services, like boarding and airport collection and delivery. 

You can find out more by visiting the Animal Couriers website

What services do they offer?

Animal Couriers is an accredited IATA cargo agent and has partnership status with all pet air travel airlines and offers competitive rates. The company organises it all, whether you choose a direct or indirect flight. 

The company aims to book pets on the same flight as its owners or one that lands at a similar time, to avoid delays and an additional trip to the airport. 

All animals are accompanied by an experienced animal courier on flights or private aircrafts for you and your pets are also available. 

Animal Couriers also handle all forms of documentation, from health certificates to pet passports, and help with suitable travel crates. 

Why trust them?

Animal Couriers has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, with customers commenting on their professionalism and ongoing involvement in relocating their pets. 

One 2023 review said: “I needed to get a pet urgently from Sweden to the UK and Animal Couriers could not have been more helpful. It was a stressful and difficult situation and my mind was completely put to rest by Animal Couriers, who took care of everything.” 

Another said: “I used Animal Couriers’ services to relocate my dog from London to Switzerland. It has been a very smooth and professional experience from beginning to end. Communication was very regular and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are professional and look after the animals very well.” 

Moving animals to a new destination can be stressful

7. Extrordinair 

Extrordinair is based in Scotland and has been trading for over 30 years and its mission is simple: To go above and beyond for its clients, customers and staff. 

In addition to looking after you and your pets, they also invest in their staff, too and feel by doing so, it shows they will go above and beyond for you, too. 

Established in 1988, Extrordinair is the only independent, Scottish Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Agent at Edinburgh Airport. Its core values include delivering exceptional service, combining extensive buying power with logistics experience. 

You can find out more by visiting the Extrordinair website

What services do they offer?

Its animal transport services are vast compared to other suppliers. They include: 

Its pet export service includes assistance with applying for pet permits, guidance on import regulations, a pet taxi service, vet assistance, IATA compliant airline kennels, airline booking, overnight boarding and full customs documentation. So by using this company, you can rest assured that your pets will be taken care of. 

This is a viable option for anyone in Scotland to avoid having to travel to one of England’s main airports. 

Why trust them?

Extrordinair has an average 4.6-5 star rating across review sites and social media. Many customers didn’t leave specific reviews, but those who have have commented on the overall service the company provides. 

The company’s website testimonials, however, commented on how easy they made moving their pets aboard. 

More specifically, one said: “Dot arrived safely in Chicago thanks to Extrordinair. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I can’t tell you the peace of mind that comes with working with this company.” 

Another said: “We flew our cocker spaniels from South Africa to Scotland. Extrordinair arranged everything for us, we didn’t do a thing. They phoned to say when they had arrived and then drove them to my house. The dogs arrived clean, happy, healthy and I could tell those who looked after them loved animals. He has walked my dogs and given them water.” 

8. Global Pet Relocation 

Global Pet Relocation is operated by animal lovers and specialises in both international and domestic pet relocation services. The company blends technological advances with years of pet shipping experience and it prides itself on its dedicated team. 

Its pet travel services are new compared to our other choices, having launched in 2018. Despite this, they continued to ship pets across the globe, even during the pandemic. In fact, it worked continuously with its local contacts to find ways to reunite more than 1,000 pets with their owners. 

In 2023, the company reached its milestone of assisting 10,000 clients. You can find out more about their ethos and what they offer through their website

What services do they offer?

Global Pet Protection’s relocation services are limited to just cats and dogs, but include rabbits, rodents, reptiles, horses, birds and fish. 

The company works with you to plan a full travel itinerary and ensures all necessary paperwork, from health certificates to other documentation, requirements are met. Its team members all have a wealth of pet relocation experience, to help offer a seamless and caring experience. 

It offers two types of travel: Air and Road. The company website offers guides and regulations and benefits of choosing either option. For example, road journey’s can help reduce stress, there’s less time away from their families and you can keep a closer eye on them. 

Flying by air, however, is overwhelmingly safe and comfortable for your pets, despite many thinking it’s not. 

Why trust them?

More than 95% (99%) would recommend Global Pet Relocation to a friend and the company has received more than 600 five star ratings

One review said: “After seeing all the processes, we were sure that if it wasn’t for Global Pet Relocation, we might not have made it on the day we arrived. We just wanted to convey our sincere gratitude and thank you a million for our pet’s journey. We couldn’t have done this without Global Pet Relocation’s support. Their communication with us from the first day made us feel our pet would be well cared for.”

9. Jets 4 Pets

Jets 4 Pets is our penultimate choice. It prides itself on understanding pet owners travel needs and pet travel regulations to provide a stress-free experience. 

As pet owners, they are empathetic towards the stress involved in pet relocation. To find out more, you can visit the Jets 4 Pets website

What services do they offer?

Jets 4 Pets offers quite a variation of services, as their goal is to be a one-stop pet travel shop, saving you from having to juggle several plates all at once. 

These services include: 

  • Nationwide coverage at all major UK airports
  • Staff are available to provide individual advice and support regarding services you require
  • Regularly speak with experts
  • Supply of the IATA containers fully marked, labelled and ready to travel with water containers and absorbent bedding
  • Custom built containers if required
  • Application for the DEFRA Export License 
  • Import License if needed
  • Sourcing of the airline, aircraft type and best route
  • Flight times 
  • Liaison with travel agent to ensure you travel on the same flights, if needed
  • Kennels/catteries available near the airport of departure 
  • Delivery service available to and from the airports

Why trust them?

Jets 4 Pets has a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot, a 5 star rating on social media and a 4.9 rating on other popular review websites, like Google, making them one of our more well-rounded companies with high reviews. 

One review said: “We had the most wonderful experience with Jets 4 Pets moving our dog from London to NYC with last-minute notice. They were amazing with communication, despite time zone differences and hiccups during our pet’s travel itinerary. Jets 4 Pets is reasonably priced, customer service is unsurpassed and they really go above and beyond for the customer. They treat your pet like family. I’m so grateful someone recommended Jets 4 Pets to us and we will be recommending them over and over again in the future.” 

A company testimonial added: “I want to thank you for making our move to Spain so easy and stress free. Your driver picked our cat and myself up in plenty of time so there was no rush or panic at the airport. He stayed with me until my cat had been given the all clear to travel and then dropped me off at the passenger terminal. 

“We started taking him outside wearing a harness and a lead for his fifth day here and by one week after arrival, he was okay outside and we still have the cat. This surely is proof of the low level of stress the journey gave him.” 

10. Transfur Animals

Our final pet relocation service on the list is Transfur Animals. The IPATA-accredited business has been operated for more than a decade. 

Transfur Animals is based in the UK and specialises in international travel and offers assistance with organising slights or advising on necessary insurance for your pet. 

Their main goal is to reduce any stress involved with moving your pet, but you can find out more about the company by visiting their website

What services do they offer?

Transfur Animals recommends getting a quote before you start. It helps if you measure your pets as it helps them estimate costs and choose a well-sized container for travelling. Getting them right is important so your pet is safe and comfortable. 

The next step is arranging pets – which Transfur Animals can help with. They have strong relationships with several major airlines, including Air Canada, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Thomson Airways, Air New Zealand Cargo, Cathay Pacific, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, United Caro, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic and more. 

After the flights are books, Transfur Animals can help arrange documentation and travel kennels for your pets and ensure the whole travel journey is as smooth as possible. 

Why trust them?

Transfur Animals has generated a 5 star rating across its social media pages, with many commenting on the strong customer service the company has provided. 

One testimonial said: “Transfur Animals helped me bring my dog to Canada. They were very informative and attentive along the way and they made the process really easy.” 

Another said: “I honestly could not be happier with the service I received from start to finish with Transfur Animals. They have gone above and beyond with every step. My vets in the UK let me know and were very unhelpful with booking an export 24hr certificate so Transfur Animals were very helpful in communicating with a number of vets to explain the pet travel procedure.” 

Top tips to finding the right service for you

Ultimately, what works for you won’t work for others. We recommend researching each of these companies in more detail and get more than one quote to make sure you remain on budget. 

Look at customer reviews around service, taking note of what service they used and overall experience. This will give you a better idea of what to expect. If you’re still unsure, most companies will happily schedule a call to answer any questions you might have. 

This choice isn’t easy to make, especially when your pets are a member of the family. Take your time and keep this guide on hand to find the best pet relocation couriers in the industry.  


  • Starwood Pet Travel is a UK-based company dedicated to ensuring your pet is moved abroad safely, comfortably, and that the whole process is stress-free for you and your (possible) four-legged friend
  • Within its packages, Starwood Pet Travel prides itself on its transparent pricing
  • Pets Abroad UK offer both domestic and international travel services. A key aspect of their services is selecting the right crate
  • Pets on the Move UK has over 25 years of experience in transporting pets, plus its family-run
  • We recommend researching each of these companies in more detail and get more than one quote to make sure you remain on budget
  • Look at customer reviews around service, taking note of what service they used and overall experience
  • Take your time and keep this guide on hand