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Tamara Birch

Tamara Birch

Tamara recently joined MoveHub, but is no stranger to travel and researching relocation processes, most recently, to Canada. This includes understanding the right visas, savings needed and how much to bring pets with you, too. 

While she’s new to travel writing, Tamara’s travel experience and pet ownership makes her an expert in finding the right country that will help improve mental and physical health and overall better quality of life. 

Tamara has travelled to the US multiple times, most recently Orlando, Florida, and loves exploring new places and uncovering culture differences, but she also loves exploring new places within the UK. She regularly grapples with wanting to see more of the world, or simply visiting Cornwall or Scotland again. 

When Tamara isn’t planning her next travel destination, she’ll be helping with country and moving guides to help expats move with ease and high confidence. Sure, she won’t be moving anytime soon, but she will happily live vicariously through writing about the many locations humans can travel to. 

You can get in touch with Tamara by emailing tamara.birch@mvfglobal.com

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