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Zurich ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 86

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Moving To Zurich

Source: Flickr | Fred Mancosu

Zurich consistently ranks in the top 5 among world cities in the annual Quality of Living Survey conducted by global consulting firm Mercer. It’s no wonder then that more than 31% of the inhabitants of Zurich were not born in Switzerland but moved there to find a better life. But what is it that makes life on the north banks of Lake Zurich so desirable?

Switzerland is synonymous with clean mountain air and crystal clear waters. Zurich has both of those: sitting at an elevation of 1,339 ft between wooded hills at the end of a 40km lake that curves away to the south east.

Switzerland is famous as a financial centre. Zurich is an economic powerhouse and is the home to many international corporations attracted by low taxes and efficient infrastructure. It also houses one of the world’s largest stock exchanges.

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The Swiss are renowned polyglots and Zurich is as multilingual as any city in the country. There are several dialects of Swiss German in use along with high percentages of French, Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Investment in education and the arts is another pronounced Swiss trait and Zurich is in the leading pack on this count too: as well as being a globally important research centre it has a history of excellence in opera, ballet and classical music and has recently become a seasonal favourite with lovers of techno music and film.