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Auckland ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 86

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Moving to Auckland from the UK

When moving from the UK to Auckland you need to get ready to slow down a little. New Zealanders are a laid back bunch and won’t take too kindly to any hustle and bustle you bring with you from the Northern Hemisphere. So take a breath. Take in your surroundings. Relax. This is going to be pain-free.

Source: Flickr | Abaconda Management Group

Apart from getting into the right mindset there’s very little adjustment you need to make. Culturally Brits and New Zealanders are pretty close and even if you struggle to make inroads with the locals initially there are plenty of UK expats around to help you get settled in. Just check out the forums online.

You can expect the cost of living to increase marginally when it comes to food and consumer goods/services (especially phone and internet) but property prices, including rent, are a lot cheaper and will represent a much lower proportion of your income in Auckland than in the UK.

If you’re flying over with children it’s probably wise to opt for a short stopover rather than a long one - entertaining children in an airport is nobody’s idea of fun. For similar reasons choose an airline with lots of seatback entertainment.

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Comparing Auckland vs London

Unlike London, snow and frost are something of a rarity in Auckland with temperatures rarely dropping below 4 or 5 °C even in the winter months of June and July. You won’t escape the rain in Auckland, average precipitation is greater than in London, but you will see about 36% more sunshine on average.

Auckland is a get up and go kind of place so you’ll probably spend a lot less time in the pub and a lot more participating in adventure sports like skydiving, white water rafting, kite surfing, kayaking, surfing, mountain climbing... the list of available adrenaline rushes goes on and on.

Source: Flickr | Travis Wiens

Auckland doesn’t offer the variety of architecture, entertainment and nightlife that London does but the biennial Auckland Festival of music, dance, theatre and visual arts, as well as Polynesian, including Maori, culture will help to fill the gap.

On crime and healthcare the two cities are fairly well matched but Auckland rent and property prices will leave a lot more money in your pocket than London prices - useful when out and about enjoying the low pollution, sunshine and laid back attitude.