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Adelaide ScoreCard

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Moving to Adelaide from the UK

South Australia is very open to migration of skilled workers from overseas - especially in the health, manufacturing and construction sectors - and Adelaide attracts a significant proportion of the thousands of Brits who move to Australia each year looking for a better quality of life.

Move to Adelaide from the UK

Source: Wikipedia

Adelaide can certainly offer that - with year round warm temperatures, low unemployment and accommodation that’s much more affordable than the UK equivalent. Adelaide also has a first rate school system and continues to invest in public healthcare.

There is a distinctly English flavour to Adelaide’s art and culture - which means that British migrants will have no difficulty settling in - with enough diversity supplied by immigrants from other countries to provide constant stimulation and a broadening of cultural horizons.

The most significant decision a migrant family from the UK will have to make when settling in Adelaide is which of the city’s 400+ suburbs to make home. It’s highly recommended to arrange temporary accommodation until you can work out in which part of the city you want to live and to get a car - while Adelaide isn’t a big city by world standards, it does cover a pretty big area.

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If you're moving to Adelaide from anywhere in the world, there are a few things you should start looking at, including the job market, property and neighborhoods, the education system if you have children and moving your belongings to your new place.

Comparing Adelaide vs London

Moving to Adelaide allows you to say goodbye to London’s dank and dismal weather for good. On the Gulf of St Vincent Coast you can instead enjoy about 44% more sunshine, about 8% less rainfall and temperatures that almost never drop below freezing even in the depths of winter.

Average temperatures in the high twenties for five months of the year means there’ll be plenty of opportunities for getting out to the beach.

Move to Adelaide

Source: Unsplash | Florian Klauer

When it comes to the money in your pocket, you’ll find it goes a lot further in Adelaide: while groceries and consumer goods are marginally more expensive you’ll find that a much lower proportion of your income is spent on accommodation. You'll be able to save even more money by shipping some larger items of furniture from London to Adelaide which often works out cheaper than buying new at the other end.

More natural beauty in Adelaide

Pollution is much lower in Adelaide and you’ll spend less time commuting and more time enjoying the natural beauty and diverse wildlife to be found on the city’s doorstep.

Kangaroo Island (named Karta, or the Island of the Dead, by aboriginals), 70 miles to the south west of Adelaide and home to three conservation parks is one of the best places in Australia to enjoy the natural flora and fauna.

Just as cultural as London

Adelaide also plays host to 17 annual festivals (at the last count) including the Adelaide Film Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, WOMADelaide - a world music and dance festival, the Schützenfest beer festival and the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Property in Adelaide

In line with much of Australia, Adelaide property prices have been stagnant for the past couple of years. Despite the Australian dollars’ increase in strength against most other currencies over the same period though, Adelaide property is still very affordable by global standards. The median house price in March 2013 was 395,000 (about £180,000) and the median unit price 320,000 AUD (about £146,000).

Prices for a three bedroom house range from upwards of 2.5m AUD (£1.1m) in swanky North Adelaide to around 200,000 AUD (£138,000) in Gawler, north of Elizabeth, about an hour’s drive from the CBD.

The median rental price for an apartment in Adelaide is about 270 AUD (£123) per week.

Source: Flickr | Ryan Polei

Stamp duty in Adelaide

Stamp duty in South Australia is payable by the purchaser and varies between 1% and 5.5% of the purchase price. First time buyers of Australian property are also eligible for the First Home Owners Grant of up to 15,000 AUD (£6,860) against the purchase or construction price of their home.

As of July 2014, the FHOG will only apply to new homes i.e. those being occupied the first time or that have been substantially redeveloped.

Neighbourhood Picks

  • Family Friendly: The suburb of Marion to the south has some lovely examples of retro 50s architecture as well as great access to schools, parks, beaches and shopping.
  • Hip and Trendy: Bowden and Brompton sit side by side about 4km northwest of the CBD. Both are making the transition from inner-city to arty-chic.
  • Upmarket: St Peters, sitting between the river and the main road east out of the city, has lovely period homes and very good schools.
  • Up and Coming: Prospect, just to the north of the city, is a big old suburb that promises to really benefit from Adelaide’s growth over the next few years.

Schools and Education in Adelaide

Adelaide has been on a big push in recent years to position itself as a centre of educational excellence. There are over 400 schools in Adelaide, the majority of which are funded by the South Australia government.

State run schools in Adelaide

The school year runs from January to December with Christmas falling in the summer holidays.

Children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthdays and education is compulsory until the age of 17 when students take their South Australia Certificate of Education exams. Schools are zoned which guarantees a place for every child at a local school but also allows applications to schools in other neighbourhoods when space is available.

While state schools are publicly funded, most request voluntary fees of parents (sometimes reaching 1,000 AUD per year).

Source: Flickr | denisbin

Private schools in Adelaide

Private schools are dominated by Catholic schools where fees are sometimes means tested and start at around 2,000 AUD (£980) per year. Private school fees can rise as high as 22,000 AUD (about £12,000) at the prestigious St Peter’s College for boys or the Wilderness School for girls.

Many private schools offer International Baccalaureate programs.

Universities in Adelaide

There are three public universities and three private universities in the city:

  • Flinders University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia are all highly regarded public institutions
  • Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College Australia, Cranfield University's Defence College of Management and Technology, and University College London's School of Energy and Resources (Australia) are all based in the Torrens Building in Victoria Square.