Stockholm is a world leader when it comes to innovation and sustainability. Considered one of the most liveable cities in the world, its growing economy accounts for its increasing popularity with foreigners as a place to settle. Despite being the smallest city in Sweden, Stockholm is the perfect place to emigrate for those who enjoy the buzz of city life yet want to retain the familiarity of small town living. Often referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’ due its island location, Stockholm is inherently progressive.


Sweden’s capital is considered a cultural centre that offers both style and sophistication to its visitors and inhabitants. With its recent emergence onto the international cultural radar, Stockholm offers an abundance of art galleries, museums, opera houses and concerts. With a high standard of living, Stockholm is perhaps Sweden’s best example of its democratic socialism with its clean streets and well-structured, orderly society. A sophisticated metropolis, people from Stockholm are proud of its city’s values. What’s more, every year in December, Stockholm rolls out its red carpets in preparation for the annual list of Nobel Prize winners, hosted at Stockholm’s impressive City Hall.


Stockholm leads the way in technology and business innovation. Swedish companies from a range of industries including energy and IT are currently in pole position when it comes to sustainable development and technological advancement. Companies associated with Sweden’s capital – like IKEA, Skype and Ericsson – have become household names that have positively redefined their industries. And international rankings like the Innovation Capacity Index and the Global Creativity Index confirms Stockholm as one of the most innovative cities in the world. Having a career in Stockholm means being part of its innovative spirit.

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Working benefits

Carving your career in Stockholm can be very rewarding. As well as encouraging personal development, many companies in Stockholm offer comprehensive social benefits including assistance with healthcare, childcare and children’s education. State subsidies allow companies to offer these packages as well as many other benefits, free of charge. Similarly, companies in Stockholm offer eighteen months of paid parental leave and guaranteed job security for when you return. Additionally, with Stockholm being a family friendly city, their policies also extend to migration, allowing you to apply for residence and work permits for your spouse.


The city of Stockholm has unique character and its new Environmental Programme aims to ensure its sustainability. Stockholm is considered the ‘green capital of Europe’ and also has the reputation of being one of the cleanest cities in the world. Stockholm’s Environmental Programme aims to retain the city’s functionality, quality and biological diversity through various different means until the programme’s end in 2015. Stockholm has a highly functional public transport network which aims to reduce road traffic in the city. Thanks to its transport system, Stockholm has reduced its carbon emissions by 25% since 1990 and won the 2010 European Green Capital Award, beating 35 other cities in the process. Cycling is also commonplace in Stockholm, particularly during the summer. Using the city’s cycle lanes, a journey across the inner city takes no longer than 30 minutes and is faster than travelling by subway or car. There are cycle lanes on most major streets in Stockholm and other road users are generally considerate towards those travelling on two wheels.