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  • Environment quality 5 out of 5

In 2013, not only did Malmö host Eurovision, but it was also named the world’s 4th most inventive city. Once known as the industrial centre of Sweden, Malmö now prides itself on being a city full of knowledge and innovation. As it is located in the idyllic Skåne region of Sweden, you could say that Malmö has all the makings of a perfect city, boasting both beauty and brains.

Malmö is located on the southwestern tip of Sweden. Due to its coastal location, it enjoys an oceanic climate. During summer, daylight can last for 17 hours, whereas during the winter, there is as little as 7 hours of light.

In 2000, the Öresund bridge was opened and created a direct link between Malmö and Copenhagen. This was a focal point in Malmö’s impending transformation into a modern, technological hub.

Job market

Malmö is part of the Öresund region, which stretches from the south of Sweden to the east of Denmark. This region is home to the highest concentration of Nordic headquarters in Scandinavian, with 35% of firms in the Forbes 2000 list being located here.

Over the past 2 decades, Malmö has made the transition from an industrial city to a knowledge city. The main industries are commerce, business services. healthcare, social services and education. The largest private employers in the area are Skanska, Academic Work, ISS Facility Services, Pågen, Manpower and DSBFirst.

The City of Malmo has stipulated several key industries, which they hope to develop in the future. One of these areas is environmental technology. A CleanTech Centre has been opened to showcase new technological products. New media is another focus industry. Hopefully, these industries will create new jobs in Malmö.

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Can you still move to Sweden after Brexit?

If you want to stay in Sweden for longer than 90 days, you’ll need to get a visa.

You can apply for a residence permit to join your family in Sweden or to study and research in the country, or apply for a work permit if you’ve been offered a job in Sweden.

If you’re permitted to live in Sweden for more than a year, register with the Swedish Population Register. You’ll then be issued you an ID number (personnummer).

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Living costs

Malmö is a cycling city. As a fairly small city, it is easy to navigate with a bicycle rather than a car and there are plenty of bicycle lanes and lock up points around the city. Public transport consists of trains and buses organised by Skånetrafiken. A one-way ticket on a local bus or train starts at 20 kr.

One litre of milk costs approximately 9 kr and a loaf of white bread is around 18 kr.

A three-course dinner for 2 at a mid-range restaurant will cost around 430 kr, while and meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost around 75 kr. If it is lunchtime, a salad buffet, fresh bread and coffee are likely to be included in that price.

Sweden’s alcohol market is monopolised by the government-regulated chain, Systembolaget. Low strength beer (up to 3.5%) is sold at supermarkets, but all spirits, wines and full strength brews are sold through the Systembolaget. Alcohol is highly taxed and an average priced bottle of wine costs around 80kr. Many locals will take a short trip across the border to Denmark for cheaper alcohol.

The rental prices in Malmö are significantly cheaper than those in Stockholm and Gothenburg. This can be attributed to the fact that the city is smaller. A one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Malmö can be rented for SEK 6,000 per month. A three-bedroom apartment in a similar area will cost around SEK 10, 625 per month. The average monthly rental price for a one-bedroom apartment outside the centre is SEK 4,200, while a three bedroom apartment in the same area will cost around SEK 7,600.

Expats with a one-year residence visa in Sweden are entitled to the same public healthcare benefits as citizens.

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Property information

Malmö is still developing into a city and this is reflected in its house prices, which are significantly more affordable than Gothenburg and Stockholm. The price per square metre to purchase an apartment in the city centre is SEK 26, 013. Outside of the city centre, a similar apartment would cost SEK 18, 525 per square metre. If you are looking to live in a house near a city centre in Sweden, then Malmö is the place for you. Due to Malmö’s proximity to Copenhagen, housing prices tend to be affected by the Danish market, then the Swedish market.


Family- Friendly: Vastra Hammen – the perfect place to raise a family in Malmö. It is close enough to feel like part of the city, but also has a distinct community feel. There are many different styles of housing in the area, ranging from traditional Swedish houses to the Turning Torso, a high-rise apartment/office building. On weekends, the streets are filled with families wandering around and visiting local parks.

Upmarket: Lillatorg – This charming neighbourhood is centrally located and boasts some of Malmö’s most upmarket properties. The side streets winding around Malmö’s main square are filled with colourful, old-fashioned buildings. These ivy-covered buildings house cosy cafés, picturesque apartments and quirky shops.

Hip & Trendy: Möllan – Möllan is the most colourful neighbourhood in Malmö. If you are looking for a grungier version of Sweden (think tattooed and pierced hipsters), then Möllan is the place to be. The main square, Möllevångstorget is filled with Asian and Middle Eastern eateries and an outdoor produce market. Many of Malmö’s best clubs and bars are also located here.

Up & Coming: Augustenburg – Currently, the Swedish government has invested in sustainable city development project called Ekostaden Augustenburg. This project aims to transform Augustenburg into a more sustainable neighborhood. The schools, local businesses and local governments are all working together to ensure that it becomes the next ‘it’ neighborhood to live in.

Cost of moving

The following table provides approximate pricing for shipping a 20-foot shipping container to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm:

FromEstimated Cost
London, UK£600 - £750 GBP
Sydney, Australia$9,800 - $10,600 AUD
Berlin, Germany€5,500 - €6,000 EUR
Dubai, UAE26,000 - 28,000 AED
Los Angeles, USA$4,700 - $5,200 USD
Montreal, Canada$4,600 - $5,300 CAD

Schools and education

There are two municipal and two independent international schools in Malmö. The first of the municipal schools is Malmö International School. It caters for children aged between 6-16, and is an officially recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) School. Tuition is free of charge. The second municipal school is Malmö Borgarskola. It is an upper secondary school and is also a recognized International Baccalaureate School. Tuition here is also free of charge.

The two independent international schools are Bladin’s International Schools. The first is Bladin’s Compulsory school for students aged 3- 16. It teaches the IB and charges tuition fees. The second is the Bladin’s Upper Secondary School, which teaches the Swedish national curriculum and is tuition free.

Malmö University was established in 1998 and is located in the middle of the city. It offers over 100 programs and over 500 courses. Öresund University is a syndicate of nine universities across Denmark and Sweden. This consortium allows students to take courses at any of the universities and to co-ordinate research with fellow students across borders.

Comapring Malmo against other cities in Sweden

As Malmo is significantly smaller and less populated than Stockholm and Gothenburg, it can be expected that it is a more affordable place to live. In terms of rental prices, Malmö is 15.14% cheaper than Gothenburg and 38.61% cheaper than Stockholm. Groceries are also more affordable in Malmö, hence overall, the cost of living is more affordable than its larger counterparts.

A day in the life

Your main mode of transport for the day will be bicycle. After all, Malmö was crowned the 7th most bicycle friendly city in the world! The government has invested greatly to ensure that there are bike lanes, parking lots and pump stations throughout the city.

After enjoying a shrimp on toast breakfast at home, you will cycle over to Malmö Castle Garden. You can park your bike and stroll around the garden taking in the beautiful views and scents. It’s a great place to bring young children to play. In winter, the grounds are covered in snow and during the summer, the grass is green and the sun is shining. After a few hours outside, you can head over to the Garden’s café, Café Slottsträdgården for coffee and lunch.

If it’s a cold day out, you can visit Malmö Chokladfabrik, a chocolate factory and museum. You can tour the production rooms and then enjoy fresh hot chocolate, fondue and truffles! This is the perfect activity for people of all ages.

After a busy day exploring the city, you can head to the boardwalk in Scaniaparken for dinner and drinks. During the summer, you might find yourself at a spur-of-the-moment party on the harbour.