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Shipping costs to Brussels, Belgium

Shipping to Brussels, Belgium From Ar-Riyadh (Riyadh), Saudi Arabia

Shipping Times

1 - 3 days by air

8 - 11 days by sea
Estimated Shipping Costs to Brussels, Belgium

1 bed flat

£2,118 - £2,341
£8,473 - £9,365

3 bed house

£3,259 - £3,602

5 bed house

£4,889 - £5,403

Shipping Container Costs to Brussels, Belgium

The vibrant city of Brussels is extremely popular for tourists and expats alike and it’s easy to see why this stunning city attracts so many people each and every year. Many different languages are spoken in this multicultural city, due to the ever-growing number of immigrants from around the globe - so expats should have no problem settling in. The Grand Palace, the Royal Palace of Laeken and the Cinquantenaire Park are just a few examples of the many stunning buildings and landmarks to see in Brussels. For many years Brussels has been known as an important artistic city, having been home to famous artists, such as René Magritte and Anna Boch. In fact, there are over eighty museums in the city, including the exciting Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Expats will never go hungry here, with countless restaurants and bars serving an array of cuisines from around the world and of course Belgium’s famous beers, chocolate and waffles. The city offers a good public transport system, which ranges from buses to trams, not to mention the Eurostar, which is a great way to travel to cities such as London and Paris. Transporting your items to Brussels should be as easy as settling in to this exciting city. If you are unsure of what sized shipping container to use, here’s a simple guide: A 20-foot container should be used to hold the items from inside a 3-bedroom house. A 40-foot container should be used if you are moving the contents of a 4 or 5-bedroom house, or a 3-bedroom house along with a medium sized vehicle.

40ft Shipping Container

67 Cubic Meters | 12.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 40ft Container

Price: £6,192 - £6,844

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image of shipping container
image of shipping container

20ft Shipping Container

33 Cubic Meters | 6.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 20ft Container

Price: £3,259 - £3,602

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Car Shipping Costs to Brussels, Belgium

In general a car will fit into a 20ft container. You will also need to consider quarantine and tax charges usually levied on importing vehicles.

car icon

Car Shipped by Sea Freight

Max Dimensions 5.75m x 2.2m x 2.2m (l x w x h)

Base Price: £3259 - £3602

Quarantine & Taxes: £1,000 - £2,500

Price: £4,259 - £6,102

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Unusual Restricted Items

Drugs and Narcotics


Psychotropic drugs and narcotics are prohibited.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine is subject to restrictions.

Animal Products

Plant & Animal Products

Animal products originating from outside an EU member state are prohibited.

Products from Protected Species

Plant & Animal Products

Plant and animal parts and products that are listed in CITES

Plants and Vegetable Products

Plant & Animal Products

Plants and vegetable products must carry a phytosanitary certificate.

Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons & Firearms

Weapons and ammunitions will need a special licence to be allowed entry.

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