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Shipping costs to Athínai (Athens), Greece

Shipping to Athínai (Athens), Greece From Christchurch, New Zealand

Shipping Times

1 - 3 days by air

30 - 36 days by sea
Estimated Shipping Costs to Athínai (Athens), Greece

1 bed flat

£3,063 - £3,385
£12,251 - £13,541

3 bed house

£4,712 - £5,208

5 bed house

£7,068 - £7,812

Shipping Container Costs to Athínai (Athens), Greece

Athens is not only one of the oldest cities in the world, but it is also one of the most famous and visited locations on the planet. With a history that reaches back more than 3,000 years, this incredible city is a centre for culture, education, tourism, finance, media and much more. Be prepared to be stunned by the city’s incredible historical sites, such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Hephaestus and the Parthenon, which was a temple dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. Expats will be able to utilise the city’s vast transit system, which is made up of buses, metros, railways and trams, and is actually the largest transit system in Greece! As well as being a very important location for archaeological research, Athens is also known for its significance in sports. Notable sports clubs in the city include AEK Athens, Panathinaikos AC and Maroussi BC. There are many different neighbourhoods to choose from in Athens, whether you are seeking an apartment in a lively, contemporary area, or a house in a quiet, historical part of the city – there is something here for everyone. Prior to choosing your new home in Athens, you’ll need to figure out the shipping of your personal goods. In terms of shipping container sizes, two options are available: A 20-foot container could house items from inside a 3-bedroom house, alternatively, a 40-foot container could be used to transport items from inside a 4 or 5-bedroom house, or a 3-bedroom house as well as a family car. Now, prepare to be blown away by the incredible city of Athens.

40ft Shipping Container

67 Cubic Meters | 12.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 40ft Container

Price: £8,953 - £9,895

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image of shipping container
image of shipping container

20ft Shipping Container

33 Cubic Meters | 6.04m x 2.35m x 2.39m (l x w x h)
See how much you can fit in a 20ft Container

Price: £4,712 - £5,208

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Car Shipping Costs to Athínai (Athens), Greece

In general a car will fit into a 20ft container. You will also need to consider quarantine and tax charges usually levied on importing vehicles.

car icon

Car Shipped by Sea Freight

Max Dimensions 5.75m x 2.2m x 2.2m (l x w x h)

Base Price: £4712 - £5208

Quarantine & Taxes: £1,000 - £2,500

Price: £5,712 - £7,708

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Unusual Restricted Items



Cats, dogs and ferrets from the EU must carry pet passports and other appropriate documents.

Gold and Other Precious Metals

Home & Garden

Gold, gold-plated objects and other precious metals need to be declared on arrival.



Medicine from outside the EU and EEA is prohibited.



Amounts in excess of €10,000

Animal Products

Plant & Animal Products

Animal products originating from outside an EU member state are prohibited.

Products from Protected Species

Plant & Animal Products

Plant and animal parts and products that are listed in CITES

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