Just because you’re starting a new life overseas, you don’t have to part with your favourite wheels. Whether you’ve lovingly restored a classic sports car or you’ve found the perfect family wagon, there are plenty of shipping companies who can deliver your car to your new home.

Car shipping options include ‘roll on, roll off’ (RoRo) shipping and container car shipping. With RoRo shipping, your car will be driven (either by yourself or the car shipping company) onto a specially designed car deck, shipped and then driven off at the other end. If you would rather load your car into a shipping container, perhaps with some other household items, this is also an option – although often a slower one. As a general rule, car shipping takes between 2-10 weeks, depending on your destination.

If you are shipping within the same continent, from the States to Canada for example, you can also opt to pay for a car transporter to drive your car to your new home. This is by far the priciest option but can be substantially quicker than shipping by boat.

The cost of car shipping will vary depending on the size of your vehicle, your destination and route, your preferred shipping method, the time of year and whether you choose to drive your car to and from the port yourself or opt for a door-to-door service.

Your car will need marine insurance for its time at sea, as well as on-land cover from the moment it leaves the ship. Make sure your cover includes total loss, theft and damage for complete peace of mind. You will also need to provide comprehensive documentation for your vehicle.

Shipping your car can incur additional charges that are worth being aware of. Car transport tax can be a hefty extra, depending on where you are shipping to. Import duties are usually around 10-20% but can rise to as much as 30% if VAT is added.

If that hasn’t put you off and you still want to ship your car rather than purchase a new one abroad, check out our list of the top 10 car shipping companies for 2017:


US car transporters AmeriFreight are one of the top-rated auto shipping companies, transporting everything from family cars to luxury rides. With a coveted A+ rating from the independent BBB, they are known for great rates and even better customer service.

While the majority of their business takes place within the continental USA, AmeriFreight can organise international car shipping to hundreds of global destinations. Services include door-to-door inland transportation, customs clearance, comprehensive insurance and your own personal freight agent.

Auto Shippers

UK-based car transporters Auto Shippers offer a worldwide service, covering everywhere from the US to New Zealand. You can choose between the standard RoRo and container options, but they also offer cutting-edge R-Rak shipping.

This innovative method, where cars are loaded onto a special rack, is growing in popularity and a favourite among many car manufacturers. It allows up to four saloon cars to be safely stored in a standard shipping container. R-Rak shipping is only available on shipments between the UK and the US, Australia, New Zealand and Cyprus.


As the third largest shipping company in the world, French company CMA CGM are experts in handling outsize cargo – and that includes a wide range of vehicles. With a 400-strong fleet of modern ships linking ports around the world, they are a leading choice wherever you’re heading. Their RoRo vessels operate mainly between France and Northern Africa, so you’ll need to opt for container shipping on most routes.

Anglo Pacific

The UK’s largest international shipping company, Anglo Pacific, specialises in shipping vehicles of all makes and sizes. In business since 1978, they offer accredited transportation, comprehensive insurance and payment protection. Choose between RoRo and container shipping, and door-to-door or port-to-port delivery.

King of the Road Transport

Also accredited with a trusted A+ rating from the BBB, King of the Road broker a full range of logistical services from door-to-door shipping to vehicle storage. Choose from a selection of transport options including open transporters for those on a budget and enclosed shipping for the best protection. Specialised international coordinators can oversee every part of your car’s journey, and you can track its progress through their easy-to-use online service.

Car Shipping Co.

UK-based company Car Shipping Co. offers fully accredited auto-logistics from RoRo to container shipping. Additional services include vehicle storage, car dismantling (which can save you serious money at customs), inland auto transporters, steam cleaning and comprehensive insurance.

The company also offer super fast air freight – unusual for cars due to the high costs involved. They ship to most ports around the world and can collect/deliver to anywhere within the UK.

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Classic Automotive Relocation Services (CARS)

Special cars need special service and that’s what CARS aim to provide. Designed specifically for luxury and classic car owners, they offer specialist international car shipping. Skilled mechanics are on hand and they cover many of the best car racing events – and that means they know how to deliver cars on time!

With offices in the UK, the US, Japan and the Middle East, they cover a range of destinations with door-to-door service and excellent marine insurance. As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), they can broker directly with customs to ensure smooth transit for your vehicle.


For moves within the US and Canada, eShip are a popular choice, transporting over 1,000 vehicles every month. They can also broker door-to-door international moves through their global partner networks. They are known for their 24/7 service and competitive rates.

Maersk Line

If you’re looking for a giant of the shipping world, Danish company Maersk Line is one of the biggest. Transporting cars to over 120 countries around the world, their enormous fleet of over 600 ships is second to none.

Car shipping is a key part of Maersk Line’s service, meaning you’re unlikely to find the seasonal variations in price that you may find with other shipping companies. They offer an intermodal door-to-door service across land and sea.


MoveCorp is a great option if you’re looking for a company to handle every aspect of your international move – from your packing to your car transportation. Based in the UK, their extensive network covers countries including China, Canada, Australia, the US, South Africa, the UAE and Russia. Expect great customer service and your own personal Removal Coordinator.

Whichever car shipping company you go for, the key is to do your research beforehand. That way, when the time comes to move, you can rest easy knowing your prized wheels are in good hands.