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Madrid ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 85

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Moving to Madrid

Lying at the heart of Castilian Spain geographically, politically, economically and culturally, Madrid’s place among the foremost European capital cities is never in doubt. In years gone by it has been the seat of the Spanish Empire, the birthplace of modern literature, the first European city to be bombed by aeroplanes and home to some of the world’s greatest artists.

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The modern day city of Madrid takes all this history and adds a heavy dose of 21st century commerce, fashion and never-ending nightlife.

One of the top 3 cities in Europe by GDP prior to the financial crisis, Madrid has since fallen back in terms of wealth but remains a key financial and economic centre. As well as hosting a large service economy and significant tourism, Madrid is also Spain’s biggest media centre and provides a home to its biggest educational system. There remain opportunities then for both expats moving to Madrid and for Spaniards returning home from overseas.

Madrid’s influence on modern culture flows from a long architectural and artistic heritage with works by de Ribera, de Villanueva, Riera, Picasso, Ventura Rodríguez, Goya, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró among the many you’ll find on display there.

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