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Doha ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 91

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Moving to Doha

Source: flickr | Chris Price

Doha is the capital city of the State of Qatar and is home to more than 60% of the population of that emirate, bordered on one side by Saudi Arabia and encompassed on every other by the constantly changing colours of the Persian Gulf.

The sea has played a central role in the history of the city - providing early sustenance in the form of fish and pearl, a flourishing trade route between east and west and the entry point for settlers and invaders from the Sumerians to the Ottomans to the British.

Following the discovery of oil in the 1940s and independence from Britain in 1971 the economy of Doha, and Qatar as a whole, has grown enormously. The country now has the world’s highest GDP per capita and foreign workers, drawn by economic opportunity, outnumber native citizens. The seas of the Gulf now form the main route by which oil and gas is exported and the backdrop for some of the world’s most ambitious construction projects.

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The economy and politics of Doha and Qatar are inextricably bound up with those of the West. Doha was the site of the current round of World Trade Organisation negotiations and is the home of the Al Jazeera television network. Qatar plays host to the US Central Command’s forward Headquarters and in 2022 will host the FIFA World Cup.