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Rio De Janeiro ScoreCard

Movehub Rating: 73

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Moving to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s population of over 6 million (known as cariocas) live in what is probably the most spectacularly located city in the world. Overlooked by the Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer, bordered by the whitest beaches and bluest seas, sitting among lush rainforest, Rio’s vistas are breathtaking.

Source: Flickr | Robert Ott

But it’s not just the views that set the pulse racing - the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro fill the city with a vibrancy that it’s impossible to resist. The streets resound with the rhythms of the samba - especially at carnival when millions line the streets to watch eye popping processions - while the booming economy sends skyscrapers ascending into the cityscape.

In a city that has grown so fast and that has emerged from a colonial past contradictions are inevitable. While the wealth of Rio’s richest citizens is on the increase, one fifth of its population still live in slums, or favelas. While the abundant natural resources of the country fuel the emergence of Rio de Janeiro as a major world city, the depletion of those resources and poor environmental stewardship look set become big problems in the future.

Despite its problems, it is almost impossible to persuade expats living in Rio that the city is anything less than paradise itself.

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