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International Container Shipping to Brisbane

International shipping to Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane for retirement, for work or to be closer to friends and family is an exciting decision to make, though the scale of the move could be a little overwhelming. Fear not, though - take a look over these few things to consider before you start booking that removals van.

Sea or air?

Put simply, heavy and large loads are cheaper to send by sea than by air cargo. Airlines charge loads by weight, whereas sea container charges are based on the volume of goods shipped, which is normally per 20’ or 40’ container.

Asking to share your container with another customer is a savvy way to save the pennies if you’re not going to fill a whole container, but sea containers don’t get loaded until they’re full, so you’ll need to be willing to wait for it if you want to opt for consolidating your load.

Thinking of moving to Brisbane?

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Vehicle shipping

Will you need your car in Oz? Could it be cheaper to purchase a new one once you’re settled? Of course, these are questions only you can answer, but if you decide to ship your car in your container you should ask your freight company:

  • a) if they have liability insurance exceeding the value of your vehicle, and
  • b) whether can they advise or assist with customs clearing and unloading services.

Always get a written quote before you instruct a freight company, and make sure this quote clearly states addresses of origin and destination as well as clearly itemising all the additional services you need, such as export declaration, bill of lading, marine shipping insurance, shrink-wrapping, crating, loading, and fumigation.

Tracking and insurance

A freight company that offers an online tracking service is a smart move if you think you’d benefit from that added peace of mind. With a dedicated login or a tracking number you can then get online and get details on the location of your container at any time - a great planning and scheduling tool.

CIF (cost, insurance and freight) is the most commonly used shipping package for domestic freight. With CIF your shipping agent takes full responsibility of your consignment until it arrives in your destination country and insures it as part of the overall package for loss or damage.

How is the cost calculated?

Shipping costs are based mainly on the cubic volume of your shipment and how far it’s travelling. If you request a door-to-door cargo service with loading and unloading at both origin and destination, expect to pay for the luxury (and a worthwhile luxury it is).

Your shipping quote should also cover all possible extra fees and levies that may be attracted on import, so make sure you get a fully itemised quote that includes things like customs inspection fees and import duties. Make sure you shop around for the best quote, too – shipping agents will expect this.