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International Removals from France

Shipping containers

Regardless of where you’re setting up your new home, the process for shipping your household goods from France is the same. In order to make sure your move goes smoothly, here’s a brief guide to help you arrange everything you’ll need to have in place before moving.

Getting packed

The first thing most people arrange before moving abroad is appointing a shipping agent. It can be a great help having someone take care of transporting your belongings, and a shipping agent can also help with packing. Using a door-to-door removal service can also help take the stress out of moving as they can assist you through the entire journey, ensuring your move goes smoothly at every step.

Sea freight or air cargo

When moving abroad there are two main transportation options: sea and air cargo. The transportation option that you choose will depend on how far you will be travelling and how long it’ll take. Transporting your belongings by air is the quickest option but can also be the most expensive. Moving your goods by sea, however, can be more practical - especially if you live closer to a sea port than an airport.

Money saving

If you’re looking to save money during your move, then one of the most effective ways is to collect your belongings at the port of entry yourself. If your new home isn’t too far away from where you’ll be arriving, then transporting your belongings by yourself can be a great money-saving option, especially as it can be expensive to hire a local delivery service and pay for warehousing services.

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When you arrive in your destination country, your original shipping fee should cover the cost of clearing customs. However, if there are any unexpected circumstances that require you to pay extra, this has to be covered by you and not the shipping company. Transportation fees and regulations vary between countries so we’ve included a guide below to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay when moving your belongings certain popular countries. We recommend that you double check what items are restricted in France before you pack so you don’t have to leave anything behind. Your shipping agent will also be able to advise you comprehensively on what items you can take.

Items you can’t export from France:
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Products containing asbestos
  • Cat and dog fur
  • Animals
  • Plants

Shipping times and costs

There are two things that will affect the cost of transporting your belongings from France: the first is the volume of goods that you’ll be shipping and the second is the distance you’ll be travelling.

We’ve included a chart below to give an indication of how long it will take to ship your belongings from France to other overseas destinations. The chart also highlights how much it should cost. However, these prices are only a guideline and will vary depending on your supplier. We’ve used Paris as the port origin for air, and Le Havre for sea freight, although these costs will vary depending on the exact port of origin and destination. Sea freight costs are based on a full 20 foot container valued at $10,000 and air freight costs are based on a 250 kg load. In all cases, air travel normally takes less than a week, regardless of distance.

French international removals comparison


Sea Freight Cost (FCL)

Sea Freight Time

Air Freight Cost (up to 250kg)

Air Freight Time


€4400 (£3600)

7 days

€1800 (£1500)

< 1 week


€2000 (£1600)

20 days

€1800 (£1500)

< 1 week


€3000 (£2500)

14 days

€1800 (£1500)

< 1 week


€2400 (£2000)

26 days

€1600 (£1300)

< 1 week


€2700 (£2200)

11 days

€1600 (£1300)

< 1 week