Your college years are the most exciting time of your life. So why spend them at home? Around 300,000 US students every year choose to spread their wings and study abroad, experiencing vibrant new cultures along the way.

Whether you fancy walking the hallowed halls of historic Oxford University or diving into the fast-paced world of Asia’s super cities, studying abroad is a real education in every possible way.

If you’re thinking “that all sounds great but where should I study abroad?”, don’t worry – our list of the 8 best countries to study abroad in 2017 will give you some inspiration…


The UK has to be one of the best places to study abroad if you’re an American student – it’s certainly the most popular. Not only do the Brits have world-class universities, they share much of the US culture. And that makes for a smooth cultural transition.

Tuition in the UK can be high with annual fees for US students ranging from $12,300-$43,100. Add in an average cost of living of $14,000 per year and things can get expensive. US students can often access student loans to study abroad, so check out your school’s study abroad scholarships and financial options.

Topping the world-class British universities are Oxford and Cambridge. Both rank among the global top 10 according to the QS World University’s Rankings. Check out more affordable options, like Leeds University and the University of Bristol, as well.


One of the top benefits of studying abroad is experiencing a different way of life. And where better to do that than in laid-back Australia? The sunny climate and beach culture make for an amazing way of life, especially if you’re coming from those chilly northern states.

Australia can be pricy at around $14,000 for tuition and $14,000 for living costs, but the country’s universities have a strong international spirit, with students from all over the world coming together.

Australia has great universities all over – from buzzing Sydney to chilled out Canberra. Australian National University is the top-ranking institution. It’s 22nd in the world. The University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland are also popular choices.


The hub of Europe, Germany, is home to one of the best study abroad programs in the world. Here you can experience a place that’s both bursting with tradition and proud of its liberal lifestyle.

From Germany, travelling throughout Europe couldn’t be easier. Hop on a train to Paris, Rome or Copenhagen and explore this beautiful, cultured continent. From beer festivals to art galleries, you’ll never be bored.

Studying in Germany is relatively inexpensive. Tuition fees for all students have been abolished in public universities. Living costs can be as high as $11-12,000 per year if you head the Technische Universität München in Munich (ranked 60th globally in 2017). Funky, art-loving Berlin can be cheaper – and the Freie University of Berlin there is ranked 87th in the world.

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Who wouldn’t want to spend time living in France? From iconic Paris to sunny Montpelier on the Mediterranean coast, life in France has serious romantic appeal. The wines, the language, the chic French style – we’re in love with all of it. Not to mention the world-class academia. Expect small class sizes and excellent teaching.

Studying in France is relatively cheap, thanks to low tuition fees. Most public universities charge around $210 per year, although the top-ranking universities set their own fees – which can rise as high as $13,400 if you study at France’s best university, the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, ranked 24th in the world.

When it comes to living costs, Paris is expensive at around $1,400 per month, but smaller cities like Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux can be cheaper at around $800-900 per month. Make sure you budget a generous croissant allowance!


If you’re thinking “why study abroad in a country with a similar culture?”, then China could be the place for you. You can throw yourself into a completely different way of life – and learn a lot along the way. Just be ready to experience a culture shock when you first arrive.

China is booming, but the country is still a pretty affordable option. Tuition is between $2,000-$4,000 per year and cost of living is relatively low at around $500-800 per month. Student residences halls cost as little as $150 a month and a beer costs less than a dollar!

China’s top-ranking universities include Peking University and Tsinghua Univerity, both in the lively capital city of Beijing. Fudan University in Shanghai and the ultra-modern University of Science and Technology of China are also both up there.


If you want to know how to study abroad and keep costs down, check out Norway. Their public universities don’t charge tuition fees – regardless of where you come from.

Free tuition means you only have to cover your cost of living, and while that can be high at around $2,500 per month, you’re still making huge savings. That means you can spend your money exploring Norway’s beautiful snowy wilderness and cool Scandi cities. Don’t miss the chance to see the dancing Northern Lights.

Norway’s best college is the University of Oslo, in the country’s scenic capital. The University of Bergen is another top choice, where you’ll find mountains and fjords right on your doorstep.


Argentina’s universities attract students with Spanish language skills and a love for the arts. The vivid Latin culture and the more stable economy make Argentina an increasingly popular study abroad choice. Learn the tango, explore vast natural beauty and soak up that intoxicating atmosphere.

The Universidad de Buenos Aires is Argentina’s top college, ranked 85th in the world. Universidad Austral, also in Buenos Aires, is also well-respected. Or head out of the capital to the Universidad de Belgrano or the Universidad de Palermo – both ranked internationally.

Most public institutions don’t charge tuition, while private colleges charge up to $3,900 per year. And cost of living is super-cheap at around $5,000 for a whole year.


If you want to experience a country that celebrates ancient traditions as much as cutting-edge technology, Japan could be for you. From the urban whirlwind of Tokyo to the historic temples of Kyoto, studying in Japan opens your eyes to a fascinating culture. Add in delicious sushi, quirky fashion and trendy nightlife and you’ve got it all.

The University of Tokyo ranks well globally on a wide range of subjects, sitting at 34th overall with Kyoto University not far behind in the 37th spot. Fees are lower than in the US at anywhere from $4,500 to $7,000 per year. Cost of living is high and you’ll need at least $1,250 per month, more if you want to study in Tokyo.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your study abroad to one of the most exciting countries in the world now!