If you’re traveling or moving to Barcelona one thing you’ll need to know about is food.

In this most foodie of cities you’ll really settle in and integrate faster if you immerse yourself in the vibrant and passionate culture of eating and drinking that runs through this city’s veins. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Barcelona does cheap and easy street food like no other, but also plays host to twenty three Michelin starred restaurants. Check out our article on things you need to know before you move to Spain, which lists several mealtime faux pas you can avoid from the off.

Tapas and Pintxos £

You’d be hard pressed to not eat tapas in Barcelona – especially if you move here – and while you can find tapas pretty much anywhere in the city, the really good stuff is worth searching out. We recommend Can Paixano (see below). For the tapas novice, some typical dishes are listed below, though any helpful waiter or waitress will know how to help you order if you make it clear that it’s your first time and that you need some guidance. Plates normally cost under €5 each, though can be much less or much more, depending on where you dine. A typical evening meal in Barca will often be based around several rounds of tapas, ordered throughout the evening with drinks. It’s a lovely way to while away the evening, and the steady stream of tasty treats sure helps mop up the Vermouth a treat.

  • Boquerones en vinaigre – Pickled anchovies
  • Aceitunas – Olives
  • Empanadillas – A pastry filled with meat
  • Calamares – Battered squid
  • Jamon Serrano – Cured Italian ham
  • Allioli – A garlic mayonnaise for dipping with bread or seafood

Can Paixano on Carrer de la Reina Cristina is a buzzy tapas bar where you have to order a tapas dish with every drink you order. Cava is good and cheap at around €3 a glass, and knowing a bit of Spanglish will get you served faster, so bring the dictionary and get immersed the best way you can – through food and drink!

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Cookery course at BCNKitchen ££

C/ De la Fusina 15 08003 Barcelona bcnkitchen.com

Kick off the day with a market visit to pick up your fresh and local produce, before wandering back to the workshop where you’ll cook up a four-course feast you can then replicate for visiting friends or new neighbours. You’ll also get to taste the fruits of your labour when you and your classmates sit down to lunch and a well-earned glass of rioja. Courses run on Fridays and cost €65 each.

Saüc £££

Via Laietana, 49 Gòtic Barcelona 08002 + 93 321 01 89 saucrestaurant.com

With one Michelin star, Saüc is somewhere to head for a real treat. Situated in the Ohla Hotel, Saüc is popular for its exquisite food in simple and unpretentious surroundings. Chef Xavier Franco is big on protein dishes, so seafood lovers will be well catered for here, and their tasting menu is a reasonable €78 – not bad at all for a restaurant of this calibre. With only a handful of tables, it’s advised to book well ahead if you want to try the food here.