Copenhagen was recently made home to the best restaurant in the world – three times in a row, in fact. So while we pay due attention to the epic Noma dining experience, let’s also take in a wider look at Denmark’s foodie capital and her tasty offerings. It’s a veritable smorgasbord, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Got your own tips for eating out in Copenhagen? Share the love and drop us a comment below!

Wine and cheese at Madklubben ££

Store Kongensgade 66 1264 København, Denmark +45 33 32 32 34

Danish for ‘Cooking Club’, this is a cosy establishment where you’ll get a good fill for a very reasonable price. Nordic cuisine and minimalist service in fresh, modern surroundings. Diners like to be left alone to enjoy their food here, so see this for the intentional move that it is. Book early, expect it to be busy, and ask for a table at the front if you get a choice. Our tip? Treat yourself to the cheeseboard with some port for pud, and match your wines with your courses – the wine list is small but designed exactly for this.

Heavenly bread at Bo Bech Bakery £

Store Kongensgade 46 1264 København, Denmark Tel: (+45) 3918 5504

Although the Bo Bech franchise also run a Michelin starred restaurant called Paustian that delves far and wide into the most experimental corners of gastronomy, Bo Bech Bakery sells one thing and one thing only: sourdough bread. Firmly in the ‘stick to what you’re good at’ camp, Bo Bech’s bread is among the most heavenly in Copenhagen, and priced very competitively. With a four-day rested crust and a fluffy interior that begs to be dipped in oil and vinegar or devoured warm in greedy fistfuls, this bread is thought to be better than anything you can find in Paris. Make your Bo Bech loaf a weekly (or daily) treat, and become a master of the delicious open sandwiche (another Danish thing) for your weekend lunch.

The best restaurant in the world. Literally.

Noma Strandgade 93, 1401 København K, Denmark +45 32 96 32 97

Having been crowned best restaurant in the world three years in a row can really go to one’s head, but not so for Noma. Sure, they take their Nordic food deadly serious here, but for Head Chef and ardent forager René Redzepi the success of Noma is a multidisciplinary art. It’s a balancing act between the complementary arts of cookery, presentation, ambience and service. Our favourite thing about Noma? There are no waiters or waitresses. The chefs themselves deliver your food to the table, taking their time to explain the courses and ingredients. This is too much for some diners, but for others it’s fascinating. You can top the evening off with a kitchen tour if you like, though dinners here are often affairs that span across several hours and have to be practically carried from the restaurant in a sated stupor…

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