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International Container Shipping to Perth

Congratulations – you’re moving to Perth, Australia! Whether you’re making this big move for retirement, work or to be closer to friends and family, this is an exciting time and there’s lots to think about. Why not take a look over a few things to consider before you start dusting off the suitcases and bubble-wrapping those vases?

Sea freight vs Air freight?

Airlines charge freight by weight, whereas sea container fees are based on the volume of goods shipped, normally a 20’ or 40’ container packed to the brim. Heavy and large loads are always going to be cheaper to send by sea than by air cargo, and since Perth has a large container port nearby, it makes sense to take advantage of the cheaper option that will also allow to your move larger volumes of belongings.

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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is the right option for some people moving to Australia, but the process can be riddled with red tape. Make sure you’re prepared with the right questions when you start to contact freight companies about vehicle shipping.

Your vehicle shipping quote must state the origin of the journey and the shipment destination – either the freight company’s door, your door, the port or the unloading warehouse. Also, ask your freight company about other services you might need: a pick-up service, delivery to a specific address in the destination country, container drayage, customs clearance, export declaration, bill of lading, marine shipping insurance, shrink-wrapping, crating, loading, and fumigation.

Tracking and Insurance

CIF (cost, insurance and freight) is the usual shipping package for container freight. With CIF your shipping agent oversees your consignment until it arrives in your destination country, and insures it for loss or damage in transit. Unsurprisingly, shipping customers are often keen to know where their stuff is at any given time. Look out for companies who can offer a container tracking service via their website.

How is the Cost Calculated?

Shipping costs are all to do with the cubic volume of your shipment and the distance it needs to travel. As mentioned before, air cargo calculates by weight and sea by size. A door-to-door cargo service with loading and unloading at both ends will always be an option, but will come at a price.

Your total shipping quote should be comprehensive and cover all fees, so make sure you get a fully itemised quote. Customs inspection fees, warehousing charges and import duties are often levied on arrival and your quote should anticipate this with no nasty surprises coming later. Always shop around for the best quote, and don’t be afraid to ask for a good deal.