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A 20ft shipping container weighs approximately 2.5 tonnes and a 40 ft container weighs around 4 tonnes.

This depends on a few different factors including where you are moving from, your destination, the size of your move and if you decided to share a container.

To get an accurate timeline and quote for your move, head to this page and fill in your journey details.

We advise you to start contacting with removals companies two to three months before your departure date, to allow enough time for you to properly prepare for your move.

You will need to speak to a variety of different moving companies to see who can provide you with the best quote – the earlier you start the process, the easier your move will be further down the line.

Everyone has a different way of approaching a move and it’s important for you to find the method that works best for you.

The most important thing is to get organised and allow plenty of time to sift through your belongings to decide on what you will bring with you to your new home.

Pack each room with care and make sure that all your boxes and furniture are properly labelled. This will make it much easier and quicker for you to get settled when your shipment arrives at your new home.

Moving abroad requires a lot more preparation than a domestic move, so it’s important to draw up your checklist as soon as possible.

Aside from the usual aspects of a move (finding a place to live, notifying the postman, packing,etc.), you’ll have to a bit more to add to your moving checklist. Our guide to planning international removals will help you keep things organised during your big move.

If you are planning on moving abroad with your pet it’s important for you to check the legal requirements in your destination country before making any transport arrangements, as some countries will have restrictions on animals coming from a particular country or specific breeds.

Make sure you read the government imports and quarantine restrictions at least six months before you are due to leave to find out what you’ll need to prepare for your pet ahead of your move.

Click here for more information about relocating your pet.

If you know exactly what the removals company are moving, give them an inventory list. If you haven’t made a list, they can visit your home and provide a quote. (And obviously don’t forget to tell them the correct date and addresses!)

If you are using the container purely for transporting goods then rental will be much more cost effective. There are options to buy container, but you will also have to organise shipping separately.

Whether you are moving a few boxes or a few pieces of furniture, international students can save money by sharing a shipping container. You can split the container with friends, or others moving to your new destination. Find out more with our guide to helping international students save on shipping.

You will have to confirm this with your removal company as it will differ from company to company. Don’t forget to mention it!

Like most of your belongings, your car can be shipped abroad safely and securely. You have several different options, by land, air, or ocean freight. There are even separate containers for vehicles, including specifically for shipping luxury cars, so you don’t have to worry about loose items jostling about.

This really depends on the country and is something you’ll need to either research yourself or check with your removals company. Some countries are much stricter than others.

Ask your removals company about their damage policies. You should find out what their insurance covers.

Yes. Shipping containers were created to transport goods overseas, so they are very durable. They have rubber seals on the doors to prevent any water damage. Some second hand containers can be subject to damage, however any reputable supplier should check for damage regularly and repair.