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Frequently Asked Moving Questions

How do I get a moving quote?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. fill out the form at the top of the page.

  2. up to 6 removals companies will get back to you with a quote within a few hours.

  3. choose the company that suits your needs, and move!

When should I get in touch with removal companies to organise my overseas move?

Our advice is to give yourself two or three months to prepare your move. You will need to speak to moving companies, find quotes and eventually decide who you'd like to ship your belongings. It's one of those quite big things on your to-do list that will make you feel reassured when you know it's safely taken care of.

How do I prepare for moving day?

This is just a question of getting organised and not putting it off any longer! Decide on a method - whatever works for you. Many people work through their house one room at a time, clearing, sorting and disconnecting appliances. Don't forget the annoying little jobs like defrosting the freezer.

How much different is an international move compared to a domestic move?

Aside from the usual aspects of a move (finding a place to live, notifying the postman, packing,etc.), you’ll have to a bit more to add to your moving checklist. Our guide to planning international removals will help you keep things organised during your big move.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Depending on the country you are moving to, you may bring your pet with you. Check with the government’s restrictions on pets - some don’t allow certain breeds, while other may require a mandatory quarantine prior to your pet settling in their new home.

Visits to the vet, getting a pet passport, and a pet permit may also be on your list of things to do when relocating your pet.

What information I should prepare before I contact removal company?

If you know exactly what the removals company are moving, give them an inventory list. If you haven't made a list, they can visit your home and provide a quote. (And obviously don't forget to tell them the correct date and addresses!)

How are the removal costs calculated?

Your quote will be personally tailored and will include these services:

  • Export packing and wrapping service
  • Packing materials
  • UK haulage costs from your home to the port, via our warehouse if necessary
  • Export customs clearance and preparation of Bills of Lading
  • Sea freight charges to destination port, and port terminal charges at destination
  • Customs clearance charges at destination
  • Delivery to your residence's normal access point, and delivery up to 1st floor
  • Full unwrapping of furniture and disposal of packing materials

If you opt for a ’Port Only’ shipment, additional fees will be added from the destination port onwards.

I am a student moving abroad - is there a way to split a shipping container?

Whether you are moving a few boxes or a few pieces of furniture, international students can save money by sharing a shipping container. You can split the container with friends, or others moving to your new destination. Find out more with our guide to helping international students save on shipping.

Are the goods I have packed myself insured by the removal company?

You will have to confirm this with your removal company as it will differ from company to company. Don't forget to mention it!

Can I ship my car overseas?

Like most of your belongings, your car can be shipped abroad safely and securely. You have several different options, by land, air, or ocean freight. There are even separate containers for vehicles, including specifically for shipping luxury cars, so you don’t have to worry about loose items jostling about.

Are there any goods I should not include in my shipment?

This really depends on the country and is something you'll need to either research yourself or check with your removals company. Some countries are much stricter than others.

What happens if something is damaged in transit?

Ask your removals company about their damage policies. You should find out what their insurance covers. Crossing your fingers isn't quite enough, unfortunately!

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