Our list of some of the most popular relocation destinations and overlooked opportunities from 2013:

Sri Lanka – MoveHub rating 72.5

A paradise twice as nice for half the price
Best for: Value for money, culture, natural beauty

“The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is known for its breath-taking beauty, inspiring culture and exotic wildlife. Golden beaches and azure skies line its coasts, while its lush forests teem with natural wonders. Serene and magnificent, Sri Lanka is a true Paradise Island for bliss seekers, offering warmth, hospitality and tranquillity for all who visit. With an incredible history that dates back over 2000 years, and its rich and vibrant heritage can be experienced in the awe-inspiring monuments of the past, or the colourful and joyful festivities that will delight your every sense. The perfect pick for the thrifty traveller.

Germany – MoveHub rating 89.5

Land of forests, beer, poets and thinkers
Best for: Natural beauty, vibrant cities, culture

As one of Europe’s largest countries, Germany has much more to offer than just Oktoberfest and Lederhosen. A dynamic capital of culture, beautiful natural landscapes and history that extends back to the Roman age, Germany is full of surprises. Des cover southern Bavaria, the sprawling countryside delight of valleys, woodlands and incredible weather, or take a trip back in time with a visit to some of Germany’s medieval towns and villages. Being located right in the heart of Europe, just a few short hours away from its major cities, Germany also makes for the perfect starting point to explore the continent.

Australia – MoveHub rating 95.3

Awesome outback adventures
Best for: Natural beauty, adventure, outdoor pursuit

Australia boasts an amazingly diverse landscape unlike any other country, making it the perfect place to kick-start a real adventure. With thousands of miles of coastline to explore, Australia offers beautifully luxurious sandy beaches and some incredible waves to catch, so it’s no wonder the country is the surfing capital of the world. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia’s most famous marine gems, with a wealth of coral and exotic sea life. Inland, the vast outback opens up to reveal the impressively expansive wilderness, where you can see the sun rise at Uluru and catch some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife.

France – MoveHub rating 95.9

Passionate nation loved for wine, cheese and art
Best for: Culture, food & drink, outdoor pursuits

There are few countries that offer sunny sandy beaches, world-renown skiing resorts, a wealth of culture and some of the world’s greatest art, all in one place. France will give you all that, and more – whilst proffering a glass of world-famous wine and a platter of fine cheese. Explore the country’s diverse – but always top class – love of great food, from the smooth and exquisite foie gras of Alsace and the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the fresh, sun-dappled treats of Corsica. Home to many of history’s most talented artists, immerse yourself in the cultural delights of this passionate country.

Ireland – MoveHub rating 90.4

Celtic traditions and pubs full of fiddlers and literary rebels
Best for: Adventure, natural beauty, outdoor pursuits

Ireland’s natural beauty and adventurous spirit goes before it, and a visit to the Emerald Isle will bring to life its incredible myths and legends in the captivating landscape. Gaze across the smooth, rolling hills of the Irish countryside or explore the rugged, awe-inspiring coastlines adorned with ancient castles and deep, turquoise waters. Along with beauty, Ireland also promises you the warmest of welcomes, and a visit to the busiest city or the smallest town will see you embraced by the friendliness of the locals. Discover the country’s celebrated poets and literary stars, and dance the night away to the sound of the Irish fiddle.

Iceland – MoveHub rating 92.8

Bewitching natural beauty and hot springs
Best for: Natural beauty, off the beaten track, activities

The magical Nordic landscape of Iceland is just one of the many reasons to take a trip to explore it. Discover one of the most dazzling natural wonders of the world, the Aurora Borealis, as they light up and dance across Iceland’s untainted night skies, for an encounter that will stay with you for life. As a hotbed of volcanic activity, Iceland is home to some of the world’s greatest hot spring spas, offering a refreshing and truly soothing experience. Iceland’s unique landscape also makes for prime adventuring, with a diversity of glaciers, rugged mountains and miles of beautiful, unspoilt coastline to traverse and explore.

New Zealand – MoveHub rating 86.4

Welcoming people, an ancient native culture and vast spectacular landscapes
Best for: Natural beauty, outdoor pursuits, adventure
New Zealand’s stunning and diverse landscape is just one of the reasons why the country is one of the jewels of the world. From beautifully serene beaches and subtropical forests, to rugged, snow-capped mountain peaks and awe-inspiring volcanoes, New Zealand offers virtually every kind of terrain you might ever want to experience. For adventure seekers, this country of ancient myth and legend is warm and inviting, beckoning you to explore all it has to offer. The love and friendliness of New Zealand extends everywhere you go, and you can take in its incredible heritage, from its Maori roots to its modern cosmopolitanism.

Oman – MoveHub rating 86.3

Ancient ports and untouched desert where Arabia and East Africa meet
Best for: Off the beaten track, natural beauty, culture

One of the greatest sea-faring nations of the world, Oman’s pride and heritage as a important global port still stands today. Discover the vibrant buzz of culture in Oman’s great port cities, where historic architectural gems stand against the backdrop of scenic, rugged mountains, and beyond, the vast expanse of the desert. Explore the miles and miles of unspoilt coastline and Oman’s beautiful beaches to relax next to the serene ocean waves or take a boat ride out across the sea, and dive into the heady and exciting thrill of the souks, where you can sample exquisite rare spices and fragrances, beautiful crafts and delicious local treats.

Canada – MoveHub rating 89.3

Vast, beautiful nation of great outdoors and independent film and music
Best for: Natural beauty, adventure, vibrant cities

With so much to see and do in Canada, you will never cease to be surprised and delighted by the many wonders it offers. From beautiful landscapes to thriving cultural and sporting centres, Canada is a nation of great diversity, talent and pride. Take in the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and its glittering turquoise lakes, take a dip in the hot springs, or get lost in its snowy forests, straight out of a fairy tale. Zip across the land in a dogsled or see some of Canada’s most beloved creatures out in the wild, or go back in time as you unearth the remains of the dinosaurs that once walked this land.

Spain – MoveHub rating 85.3

Mediterranean melting pot of food, drink, ideas and late nights
Best for: Food & drink, vibrant cities, culture

Passion, beauty, culture and nature all combine to create the masterpiece that is Spain. Discover some of the most tantalising cuisine from across the country, including paella, delicious spicy chorizo made from the finest Iberian pork, sweet treats and wonderful cheeses. Spain’s cities buzz with atmosphere, inspiration and heritage, as beautiful Moorish and Gothic architecture stand next to the stars of contemporary design, and its museums and galleries showcase the best of its world-renowned artists, both past and present. Relax with friends over tapas or listen to the resounding beat of traditional Spanish music, that pulses with the passion and energy that makes this country so unique.

Movehub rating: based on a number of key figures gathered from various government agencies, global organisations and census data, put together with a little movehub magic to give a world-wide ranking of cities and countries.