Global Moving Trends 2017

As part of Movehub’s Global Moving Trends report, we set out to investigate whether the recent political changes in the US have had an impact on the number of people moving there. Looking at data from over 350,000 moving enquiries from April 2016 to April 2017, we found that for the first time in four years, moves to the US from the rest of the world have plummeted.

Since 2013, the US has been an increasingly popular destination for expats using MoveHub. Last year, however, we saw a 10% drop in people enquiring about moving to the states.

The US saw a particular slump with expats migrating from the UK. In 2016, total moves from Britain to the were down by 12%, only to fall further in 2017; figures for March show a year on year drop of nearly 40%

Opinion of the United States

To find out why the US is no longer the desired destination it once was, we conducted a survey on attitudes towards migrating to America. Over a quarter of those asked put President Trump as a reason not to migrate to the US.

Wider research has shown that many Americans share similar feelings to their international counterparts – that the Presidency of Donald Trump is a reason not to live there. Google searches for how to move to Canada increased hugely on the day after Trump’s win, and Movehub’s Things You Should Know Before Moving to Canada page saw a dramatic uplift of visitors on the same day.

Trump’s fluctuating and divisive stance on immigration seems to be having an impact on America’s popularity with expats. Many are seeking more reliable job opportunities in countries like Australia and New Zealand. This rather sudden drop in moves to America – previously one of the most popular expat destinations – could mark a change for future global moving trends. It will be interesting to see how attitudes towards moving to the US will change or stay the same over the next year.