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MoveHub's Ask the Expats is Live!

After months of building, our newest addition is finally live! You can start asking questions today.

What is Ask the Expats?

Simply put: a Question and Answer platform connecting expert expats and people moving abroad.

The long version: We connect people around the world who want to discover their new city, either before moving or once they're settled in. Ask the Expats is a place you can ask any question about any country, city or locality! Answers come from natives, travellers and people who've already made the move.

You could ask "Which is better to live in Hong Kong or Tokyo?" or "How can I find a house in London?" or "Which areas of Paris are suitable for young families to live?" or even "Why do the English drink warm beer?"

Who is Ask the Expats for?

Originally we designed this for soon-to-be expats, trying to find out about their new homes and things like tax, health insurance, work permits and visas ahead of time. But once we started building it we realised this is going to be useful for anyone interested in visiting or living in any of these places. Even natives can find out about what people think are the best schools, restaurants, bars and shows.

In a nutshell this is for anyone interesting in visiting or moving to any city in the world!

How do I use Ask the Expats?

To ask or answer question you need to sign-up first. Once you're signed in you can search using the search bar, tags or location filters to find answers and ask questions. If you have any question check the FAQ.

Ask the Expats is a community that rewards great answers, you earn badges and good karma for your contributions to the community.

Ask the Expats is brand new, if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see from it in the future please email us

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