Nowadays we all read blogs in the same manner that our ancestors would devour the morning papers. The beauty of the blog though is in its versatility and diversity. If you don’t like what you’re reading, then close the page and start again. It’s not like you’ve bought it! When it comes to travel blogs, they are something that are easy to get hooked on. Reading a great travel blog can transport you to that place, it’s a lovely way to escape the mundanity of everyday life or take a break from the rainy British climate without even leaving your desk. As well as giving you a virtual holiday, they also serve well to provide inspiration for your next great adventure. Travel blogs cover a wide variety of destinations, and are bound to have some ideas that you haven’t considered yet. They also offer helpful hints and tips, and give you a secret insight into places, so you are fully prepared before you go. What is not to love? Here is our pick of the top ten travel blogs – in no particular order – to really get your wanderlust flowing.

Camels and Chocolate

The masterpiece of bubbly self-confessed celebrity obsessive Kristin Luna. Her enthused mannerism and personal anecdotes make her blog an entertaining read, her decade of journalistic experience adds flair and finesse and her overall charm makes you trust her judgements. Her photos are beautiful, and her camera tips are insightful and useful. The site covers an immense number of destinations, and includes helpful posts such as “What to pack for a cruise” and “Packing for six weeks on the road.”

Classe Touriste

Freelance travel writer and photographer couple Debbie Pappyn and David de Vleeschauwer contribute to various global magazines and newspapers. This is their personal blog, where they voice their opinions on the places they visit. Their site includes a fabulous ‘Our Gear’ page that lists all of the photographic equipment that they use, as well as recommendations for luggage, travel clothing and accessories. Highlights of the blog include ‘One Day One Photo’ where, you guessed it, they upload one photo per day of wherever they are. The visuals are stunning on this site, and will really gear you up for travelling.

Johnny Jet

A large team of contributors make up the Johnny Jet group of travel writers which has grown considerably in just a few years. It started off as a casual newsletter which Johnny would send to his friends discussing ways to accrue more air miles, the idea took off and it soon became one of the main websites for picking up travel tips and advice. This is a great practical site if you are looking for booking tools, airline codes, travel credit cards and more. There are personal touches though, such as a moving tribute to Johnny’s Mum who also loved to travel.

CN Traveler

Condé Nast blogger Wendy Perrin offers plenty of travel tips and down-to-earth advice on this beautifully simple blog site. Personal anecdotes, strong images and the immensely popular ‘Ask Wendy’ features (where Wendy answers your travel questions in an endearing and well-informed way) make up the bulk of the site. It’s a great resource for picking up handy tips from a seasoned traveller.

Solo Traveler Blog

Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt have a nice slant to their blog by dealing with travelling alone. The combination of personal anecdotes and practical tips make this a very appealing blog. Tracey’s passion for food and wine also adds a welcome culinary tilt to the writing. There are plenty of tips to inspire and give confidence to the solo traveller, but there is also material that will be of interest to those travelling as a couple or in a group. Beautifully written, witty and charming this is a very well-rounded blog.

Wandering Earl

With the tagline of “The Life of a Permanent Nomad“, it’s hard not to get drawn into this quirky little travel blog. Earl has been travelling constantly for the past 12 years, and his experience and passion flows from his blog. His insightful tips don’t just stop at the usual where to eat and what to pack advice, he talks about how to work in travel, offers tech advice to travellers and even goes into detail about working on a cruise ship. This is a great blog for those who want to travel for extended periods of time, but are unsure of the practicalities.

Ico Snap

Branded as “A cute travel blog” and certainly living up to this moniker, Ico Snap focuses on quaint quirky destinations that are displayed in rose-hued photos. There is a whole section called ‘Hello Kitty’ where a little Hello Kitty doll is photographed in front of specific monuments in a variety of destinations, she is certainly a well travelled little cat! This is the perfect blog for those who loves the more charming side of life but others may find it a little too saccharine. It’s certainly unique and personally, I love it’s playful tone.

Erica Camille Productions

The work of New York photographer Erica Camille, her astonishing photos offer very real snatches of each destination. There is no attempt to beautify or add false light to each scene. She captures real people and real situations and the final effect is mesmerising. Each piece offers a valuable insight into a different world. Threaded together with scant sentences, there is great personality and creativity to this site.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Focused on luxury hotels, the finest of fine dining and insights into the luxury travel industry, this website is the work of founder Dr. Paul Johnson and more than 300 writers and guest bloggers. With specific categories for US hotels in California, Florida and New York as well as tourist attractions in Denmark, France, Italy, Germany and the UK and European Hotels. It is a very specialised site, but it covers the material well and although the content all lies within the luxury market it covers a breadth of topics from food to holiday fashion, architecture to technology, entertainment to transport.

Travel Blog

There is a youthful bouncy style to this careful blog, with titles such as “10 awesome things to do in…” A large team are involved covering a rich variety of destinations and looking at all sorts of holiday from romantic to walking, family to foodie. The casual tone makes it easy to read, and the site is certainly more diverse than many others. One of the highlights is the special offer posts that fill you in on the latest deals.

So what are you waiting for? There is a world to explore, but before you book your next trip have a glance through some of these blogs and feel inspired!