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MoveHub Launch FoodHub In Aid Of UK Food Banks

MoveHub launched a new charitable initiative this week, with the help of its international shipping partners across the UK.

The initiative will supply unwanted food donated by people moving house to local food banks and charities. This will be the first scheme of its kind in the UK and could provide organisations with a consistent flow of donations, helping the most vulnerable people in society.


MoveHub and their partners noticed that families were forced to just throw large volumes of food when they moved abroad - due to customs restrictions - and decided that instead, this food should find its way to people who really needed it.

One of the charities benefiting from FoodHub is Centrepoint, which supports 8,400 homeless young people in Bradford, London and the North East, including over 100 in Camden.

UPDATE: This is why we need food banks

The number of people across the UK relying on food banks for essential food is growing at an alarming speed in the UK. With the number of people relying on one food bank charity - The Trussell Trust - from 130,000 in 2011 to 913,138 in 2014.

Head of MoveHub, Ben Tyrrell said in a statement: “The recent All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the UK, highlights the huge problem Britain is facing, and the stark differences between the haves and have nots. It is absolutely appalling that 4 million people in the UK are at risk of going hungry, but it is even more appalling that this is happening while many of us throw away huge volumes of food each week

Our removal partners had mentioned the escalating amount of produce they were asked to dispose of when people move house, and we were all keen to do something constructive with it. FoodHub gives people moving the opportunity to donate food they don't need, and we will deliver it directly to local charities and food banks.

We are launching the scheme at our base in Kentish Town, and the food we collect this time will go to Centrepoint, which helps over 100 young homeless people in the Camden area alone. As a local business it is great to be helping people in our area, and we hope to extend this scheme in the new year."

FoodHub will initially launch in Camden where MoveHub is based, and the Mayor of Camden Lazzaro Pietragnoli has accepted an invitation to attend the launch on 11th December.