Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or in Glastonbury without mobile service, you’ve probably noticed that the UK voted on Friday in a referendum to leave the EU.

In a close vote, those looking to remain in the EU have been searching for other living arrangements, including moving abroad.

MoveHub noticed a shocking 200% increase in British users looking to move once the results were released this past Friday.

If you’re one of 48% of the UK who voted to remain in the EU, you may want to look at these top cities to move to in a post-Brexit vote world. It’s still unclear what will happen to those still in the UK, but taking the UK citizenship test may help.

10. Dublin

Not too surprising for those living in the UK, a move to Dublin is a bit closer than Singapore or Hong Kong.

Ireland is safely in the EU, home a to rich culture, and tech giants like Google and Facebook have their European HQs here.

9. Toronto

It looks like the British have joined Americans in the queue for moving to Canada, with Toronto as one of the top Canadian city Brits are interested in at the moment.

A multicultural city (more than half of its residents were born outside of Canada) with a long history, it’s similar in feel to Manchester or London. Even the Queen is on Canadian money, which can help with the transition.

8. Sydney

If Canada isn’t far enough away from the UK, why not try an old British classic: Sydney, Australia.

The location in New South Wales makes it less crowded and more spread out than London, and Sydney’s role as the financial capital of Australia only adds to its charm.

It recently was named the 10th best city in the world in terms of quality of life by Mercer, if you have any doubts.

7. Belfast

Northern Ireland’s capital is more than one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones, it’s a multicultural city with a lot a friendly people.

Big names in music, literature, theatre and film-like Van Morrison, CS Lewis, Kenneth Branagh, and Ciaran Hinds – were all born in Belfast, making it a culture vulture’s dream.

Plus, Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU so you’ll have tonnes to chat about.

6. Vancouver

Recently named the 5th best city for quality of life in the world, a move to Vancouver is a natural choice for those wanting to get of the UK.

Flanked by both the Pacific Ocean and mountains, Vancouver feels like a laid back coastal town more than a large city.

If you’re looking for a city full of art, food, and the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of sports (how we love thine outdoor activities, let us count the ways), move to Vancouver.

5. Berlin

A number of Brits have already quit the UK for more affordable Berlin, so what’s stopping you from moving to Germany?

This cosmopolitan city is home to a continuous influx of expats, and its laidback atmosphere only adds to the eclectic charm of the old and modern.

4. Edinburgh

Scotland was the only other country in the UK to predominantly vote to remain and the capital of Scotland makes a natural choice for those Brits wanting to stay within the EU.

Those preparing for the inevitable Scottish referendum, or the creation of #Scotlond, can easily move to Edinburgh or another city in Scotland.

3. Lisbon

For those tired of British weather and don’t want to be one of the approximately three-fourths of a million Brits living in Spain, Portugal’s capital of Lisbon is calling you.

A fantastic Mediterranean climate with more sunshine than the likes of Rome or Madrid, the beach is only a 20 minute ride away from the medieval maze of Lisbon’s city centre.

2. Copenhagen

Danish capital landed #9 on the quality of life survey, making it the only Northern European city in the top 10.

If you’re tired of the words ‘Brexit’ and ‘Euro’, move to Copenhagen where you’ll be using Danish Krone. A cycle friendly city where you can get more for your money in terms of rent and public transportation, take a closer look at Copenhagen.

1. Amsterdam

Did you think Amsterdam would be at the top of the list? Brits have looked into moving to Amsterdam the most out of any other city since the Brexit vote, and it’s no surprise to see why.

The small village feel of a large European capital is rarely so well meshed together than in Amsterdam.

Additionally, the job opportunities in Amsterdam are particularly beneficial for expats looking to make an escape.

Let us know which city you’re interested in moving to in the comments section below!