Here are the four psychiatrists who helped us so much with the production of Min’s Move.

They were instrumental in getting the psychology right of a young child moving abroad. We framed the whole story around the advice they gave us, from how parents should proceed with breaking the news to their children, all the way to decorating their new home and packing their bags for the flight.

You can see their influence on every page of the book. Thank you!

Anandhi Narasimhan, M.D.

A Board Certified Physician specializing in Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry, Anandhi has been involved with child trauma and neuroimaging research.

She has co-authored a book chapter, “Child and Adolescent Responses to Trauma,” and has appeared on CNN, FOX News, USA Today and many other media.

Here is Dr. Anandhi‘s website.

Shimi Kang, M.D.

An award-winning, Harvard-educated expert on child psychiatry and motivation, Shimi has written for Psychology Today, the Huffington Post and TIME Magazine, and is author of bestseller The Dolphin Way.

In 2012 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for services to her community.

Here is Dr. Kang‘s website.

Hani Talebi, pHd.

A licensed psychologist and specialist in school psychology (LSSP), Hani has been providing psychotherapy to children for over a decade and has worked in some of N. America’s most prestigious psychological institutions.

Here is Dr. Talebi‘s website.

Lori Woodring, pHd.

Lori is a licensed psychologist in New York and Connecticut, experienced in child psychology and in educating the next generation of psychologists.

She has also written a book about moving abroad with children, My Very Exciting, Sorta Scary, Big Move, based on her own family’s move between London and the States.

Here is Dr. Lori‘s website.